Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going to the Mountain

This morning Emma and I were working on state studies. The subject of coal came up as we talked about different industries in this particular state. That opened the door to talk about how coal is used and how it is mined.

In the discussion of how dangerous coal mining is and just how hard it is...somewhere it hit me how those men and women dig into the mountain to get to the coal. They go deep in those mines to bring out the coal that will provide for their families. Their entire lives revolve around getting into that mountain and bringing out coal, often times it's at the expense of their health and life.

Immediately God began to weave our school lesson into the lesson He has been pressing into me this week about getting to the mountain.

Maybe because our Pastor is preaching a series on the Ten Commandments right now and I'm thinking about Moses being on that mountain w/ God, or because I have been reading about Jesus getting away and often times to the mountain to pray...but MOUNTAIN has been everywhere.

For so long, I have thought of the mountain as the place where you celebrate what God has done. It's the end of the time in the valley. The place where we ALL want to be and stay! However...

God's been talking to me about changing how I view the mountain. Maybe, just maybe the mountain is the place we should be going to everyday. Even those days when it feels like we're at the lowest point in the valley.

In Matthew 14 around verses 13-25, Jesus has just fed 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Seriously, that would be a mountaintop experience to see Him multiply and serve that. Can you imagine?

But what gets me, is that after this HUGE demonstration of God's power verse 23 says this:

"After He had dismissed them, He went up on a mountainside by himself to pray."

He went to the mountain ALONE to pray. He went to spend time with His Father.

He had just poured out so much of Himself to those people, and now I wonder if He went so the Father could pour back into His son.

This is what I felt God impress on me. Just like those coal miners go into those mountains each day and mine out that substance that will provide for their family, God wants me to come to the mountain DAILY. Even when I'm in a valley.

He wants me to come back so He can pour into me the very thing I need to live! HIMSELF.

Why do we wait until we become desperate? Why do we wait until there is turmoil and crisis? Why do wait until......

We have the ability, and dare I say the choice, each and every day to go to the mountain for a mountaintop experience with God Almighty. We don't have to wait for a conference, or Sunday's Sermon, or your favorite blog to be updated. No.

God wants to meet with us and speak with us TODAY. God wants to meet with me, with you. He has something specific to say.

Just as those coal miners go in empty handed and come out with something that will meet their needs, we can go to the mountain poured out and completely empty. But our God, He will pour into us and restore what has been emptied. We can come down filled to overflowing. Even when life has us in a valley.

Look around you and find a mountain...go there and see what happens.


Melinda said...

Wow. That was a word I needed to hear today. Thanks for listening and sharing, sweet friend!


Sheryl said...

I'm with Melinda. I needed that word today.


Patty said...

That was just powerful!! I have been asking God to remove the mountains that are standing in our way ...say to the mountain move and it shall..... then I read your post and it was about mountains but a different view on mountains. Very, very good.
It's funny how you said we don't need to go to a conference to have that specific word from God, the other day I was thinking I need to go to a conference, or something...etc... :))

Plus, since we live where we live, in two rooms downstairs, there are 5 of us and there is no place to be alone for a private time with God but I have had to be creative because I have to have my time with Him!!

Love you!

Leah said...


That is most certainly a GOOD word. I do think Jesus went to the mountain to get filled back up from the Father and so should we.

Our world tells us that we should be able to stand alone. Well, that is just wrong. We NEED to be filled up by our Father and knowing that He is waiting on that mountain for us...well that is just awesome.

Have a blessed weekend.


AbbyLane said...

if i could tell you how many times this exact word has come up in my life in the last 2 weeks....

oh my're super :)