Saturday, January 31, 2009

When It's Quiet (memory verse challenge #3)

It's quiet around here right now.

Chad has taken advantage of the beautiful day and hit the park for a run. The girls are riding bikes, and playing basketball with their friends down the street. It's me and the dog. (Who is whimpering like crazy because he catches a glimpse of the girls on their bikes every few minutes.)

It is so quiet and today I do not like it. Too many thoughts running through my head. Too many concerns, and for me concerns easily turn to worry if I'm not careful.

It all started when I looked at my calender this morning. January was full. All good things, but F.U.L.L. We are one day away from February and each weekend is already full. When did that happen?!?!?! Don't get me wrong, we have some fun stuff planned, and we are really looking forward to the company we are expecting, but my goodness the month is going to fly by!

So here I sit in this quiet, a little overwhelmed, already feeling some stress and I hear Him. He's whispering my favorite verse of all time. It will be my next LPM Memory verse challenge verse because I need to spend the next two weeks meditating on it.

It's Deuteronomy 33:12

"Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rest between his shoulders."

Between His shoulders. Is there any better place?

A Shameless Plug for Our Favorite Cousin

Chad's sweet and beautiful cousin Emily (on left in the picture above) and her handsome husband Jeffrey are making their television debut tonight.

Last summer after J. finished law school, they moved back to our hometown. At some point in the process they were approached by TLC to be on an episode of "My First Home".

SOOOOO, if you want to see a precious couple and a little bit of a beautiful city...check out TLC tonight at 9:00 est.

(I love this photo of Emily and Emma at Emily and Jeffrey's rehearsal dinner.)

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Monday morning after we waved goodbye to our weekend guests, the girls and I settled in for some morning chores, a little school and just general fun. (we did not observe MLK day last week so we could have a fun day this week)

Not long after I sent the girls upstairs to gather laundry, I heard giggles, squeals and then one of them said..."Let's put them on!". They came to the top of the stairs each wearing a jacket and carrying the rest of Fran's hanging clothes.

I grabbed my phone took a picture sent it to Fran asking if she forgot anything. :) Then grabbed my camera to take a 'real' picture. It was just too fun not to.

While Chloe has grown out of the playing dress up stage, Emma is STILL there. (This is the child that becomes Panty Girl when she thinks we need a laugh.) It was funny to watch them oh so carefully take Mrs. Fran's jackets off and hang them up.

While the girls were strutting their stuff in these very fine mind got to thinking about how cute they looked. You can see the jackets are LONG, but the arms are what were so funny to me. The sleeves hung down around their little knees. They didn't much as my girls pretended that they did...Mrs. Fran's jackets were not made for them.

Later in the afternoon I was preparing my notes to lead Bible study on Tuesday evening. (Sidenote: my ministry team Freedom's Call is doing a Bible study geared toward artists...they asked me to lead this one.) This was the first week and the chapter title was "How to keep your passion alive."

Deep in that first chapter the author talks about our Christian life being an adventure, a one of a kind God planned adventure. Our ministry team has a specific adventure that God has planned just for us. YOU have a specific God planned adventure! However, sometimes we are so captivated by someone else's adventure that we miss our own. You know what I mean?

We look at someone else and think I want to do THAT. Why can't I do that? I'm just as talented, just as capable...I could probably do a better job.... Are you still with me? Maybe it's just me that does that!

My point is this. Just like Chloe and Emma put on Mrs. Fran's jackets, and pretended to be her, those jackets did not fit. They would not have been able to wear them for very long without getting frustrated. The sleeves would have been in everything, they would have tripped because those jackets hung down around their little feet. It would have been a big ole mess and I would have had two VERY miserable little girls on my hands.

Same thing in life. When we try to force ourselves into a ministry, or position that God has not planned for us, it isn't going to work. It won't fit. We are going to be miserable.

God has quite an adventure planned for you. It's tailored to fit YOU and only you. If you are too busy trying to make it look like another person's ministry, then what God desires to do through you will not be done, and an important part of the body of Christ will be missing.

So today, can I challenge you to put on the jacket God designed for you to wear? Just try it and see what happens.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Praise Jesus

I'm amazed, tired, happy, filled, and more in love with Jesus.

This weekend was absolutely incredible. We all know that Travis Cottrell is one gifted worship leader who ALWAYS leads you to the throne room, BUT...

Last night..girls there were a few times I thought..."we are fixing to see Jesus!" It was incredible. Our Savior was glorified. BUY THIS CD or DVD when it comes out this summer! You will love it. :)

It was a double treat to experience this weekend with a few of my blogging friends, most of us met in San Antonio last August. We were SO excited to have a few days to visit in person again. There were also some new "siesta's" that I was just blessed to meet.

I was just tickled pink to have Fran, Patty and Georgia stay with me this weekend. We were up talking until the wee hours of the morning Friday and Saturday evening. I don't think I'll ever forget our prayer time at 1:45 A.M. Saturday morning. Powerful and precious...thanks girls. :)

We so enjoyed worship at First Baptist Woodstock Sunday morning, then visited with our siesta's over a wonderful lunch on campus. We had a nice little'll see her in the pictures below.

Once again, I have to say thank you to my man. He was so willing to open our home to my friends for this crazy, busy weekend. He did the grocery shopping for me on Friday so I didn't have to go out..he planned all sorts of fun things for the girls and he to them to church, fed them lunch and then back to church for choir on Sunday and then did ALL the weekend laundry while I was hanging with my girlfriends all day Sunday. On top of all of that...he text messaged us Sunday morning to tell us he was praying for us. Thanks you.


Angela, Kara and I at lunch on Sunday afternoon. It was SO good to see these two again. I miss my Chattanooga girls!!!

One of the hard things about this weekend was that Bethanne from Waiting for the Shout was not able to be here..especially since HER DAD IS ON STAFF AT FBW!!!!! We ate lunch in the room next door to his office. :)

Saturday night at Ipp's for dinner....G & G. Aren't they beautiful!

Friday night we celebrated Fran's February b'day. Chloe and Emma even gave me the okay to let her wear the b'day crown. She kept it on a LONG time after we were done with the cake! Patty and Georgia brought her a "precious" 2-liter of coke. :)

All she needed was a scepter...

Hanging out at church Sunday afternoon waiting....

Why Yes! That is who you think it is. She surprised us at lunch. She is holding that Moose that apparently is now shipped to wherever a group of Siesta's get together..poor moose.

Enough pictures I know...there will be one more group shot that I will add once I can snag it from one of my siesta's... :)

This weekend was a gift from God. He spoke some things into my heart that I could not have heard anywhere else. How I love Him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend of Fun

Can I just tell you how excited I am!!!

I'm sitting in my kitchen taking a break...I'm waiting on three pretty neat siesta's to pull in my driveway! We've been waiting for this weekend since before Christmas! Come to think of feels like Christmas!!!!

I may or may not blog this weekend, but there WILL be some pictures up here soon! We are looking forward to dinner Saturday night with so many of YOU!!! It's always fun to put a face and a real hug with a name. Speaking of which...

This afternoon, I briefly met Charlotte at the mall...she baked a very yummy smelling loaf of cranberry/pecan bread for us to share in the morning...if it makes it that long!! Something tells me we may need a snack come 9:00 tonight! Charlotte...I'm kicking myself that I didn't have my camera!!!! SUNDAY okay?
Thank you SO much for doing that for us. That was so sweet!

As much as I'm looking forward to all my siesta's..I'm even more excited about worshipping together led by our favorite worship leader Travis Cottrell. It's going to be one incredible evening. I'm just beside myself to worship with these ladies again!

Break is over...I want to make a batch of brownies before they get some point this weekend I'm sure one of us will need something chocolate.

See some of you this weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rejection thoughts...

Like many of you, I'm doing the Esther study right now. I'm in week two and loving it. I finished week one right as I was packing and leaving for the retreat last weekend. One thing from week one that really stuck out in my mind was how fast King Headache (Xerxes) was to dismiss Queen Vashti from his life. Just did away with her...she didn't do what he asked and was done with her.

Rejected. This beautiful woman was just dismissed, done away with. I wondered what happened to her. Where did she go? Did they execute her, or allow her to return to her family? Did she leave that mansion and hide the rest of her life?

If we girls were really honest with each other, we all know that sting of rejection. Dismissal. The "I'm done with you and moving on" feelings. Whether those wounds are given by a boyfriend, a spouse, or one of your good girl friends, it hurts.

While the word "reject" was not the focus of last weekend's retreat, I heard several ladies touch on it. Some had just lost their jobs and even though it was all based on the economy, it was still rejection. It still hurt. Other's were more private matters that were not completely voiced out loud, but you could see in those beautiful eyes that rejection was at the heart of the matter.

Since I have been home, I have received a few e-mails from women going through some sort of rejection. Everything from family circumstances to work or ministry related rejection. Let me say something.. even when it feels like you have been dropped off on a street corner and those closest to you (the ones you should be able to trust the most) have forgotten to come back for you...GOD CARES. HE IS STILL THERE. HE HAS NOT LEFT YOU. It's against His nature remember He said "I will never leave you or forsake you!" You are not forgotten.

I can't help but think of Psalm 27 especially verses 7-10. Verse 10 says.. "For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in." (ESV)

Do you need to personalize that for you today..maybe "My employer has replaced me, let me go, but the Lord will take me in." or "I wasn't chosen to be part of that ministry team...but God will take me in!" "My husband has left, but my Lord will take me in."

Oh sweet friends, don't allow that hurt and disappointment to make you bitter! All that does is fuel the enemy. You take that hurt right to the One who knows you better than anyone. TELL HIM you are hurt, disappointed and need his comfort. Let Him be the lifter of your head. Be still and quiet enough to hear Him sing over you. It may be the hardest thing you do today, but it will be the BEST thing you do.

I love Psalm 91:11-16. Verses 14-16 say the following

"Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him. I will protect him because he knows my name. When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation."

Now...if you are feeling like you need to hear from HIM...replace each he or him with your name and read it again...OUT LOUD.

God will be with YOU in trouble. In pain, in rejection, in loss. He is there.

Let Him satisfy you today. I promise if you let Him, He will.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What A Day

The girls and I have spent today doing something we normally don't do. We had the t.v. on most ALL day. We brought a few of our textbooks downstairs and worked in them, but for the most part we watched the Inauguration activities and ceremony. I wanted them to see this historical day.

We talked quite a bit the pomp and tradition and how incredible our country is. But the one thing we spent the most time talking about was how important it is to respect those in authority. How it is very important to pray that they will have hearts and ears that listen to God.

Since my girls are the same ages as the President's daughters, they of course were watching them carefully. They loved their outfits and talked about how hard it would be to have everyone watch their every move. But also how cool it would be to live in the White House.

When Rick Warren gave that prayer...I kind of got tickled at all the "amens" and "that's right" coming out of my little girls mouths! At one point, Chloe said something to the effect of mom he is praying scripture! HE IS SAYING THE WORD OF GOD IN FRONT OF THE WORLD!!! It was exciting to me to see that she caught on to that!

They got tickled at the "Queen of Soul's" hat. Emma thought it was a little to much. (And you know Emma...she is all about a good accessory!) They loved to hear her sing. :)

Chloe came up out of the chair she was in when they said "John Williams" had written a special piece...John Williams is our worship pastor.

Over all they loved the entire ceremony...except for the....


Here are their comments on the poem:

"Why does she pause after each's so choppy I feel like we are in the car and you are slamming on the brakes."

"Mom, if we wrote something like that for school you would give us a "D" for DULL!"

"Did they ask her to do this last night or something?"

I don't think anything else needs to be said! I explained that she had poured her heart into that poem and it was special to her...please don't make fun of her work.

They laughed at me.

Okay, enough about our family will be home from karate in 15 minutes and I need to finish dinner! No time to proof read!!!

Hugs to you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Giving God a Hand Clap

Thank you thank you thank you for praying for me this weekend! The retreat was absolutely incredible. The group was smaller than the leadership team had hoped for, but it was their very first retreat and those 30 ladies went home full and excited about God invading their lives, homes and women's ministry. It really was a neat thing to be part of. Thanks Michelle and leadership team for allowing me the honor to be part of your retreat. YOU ministered to me.

The speaker, R. was powerful. I was just so encouraged and challenged by really was a joy to serve with her. She is real and passionate about getting into the Word. "Grace" was the topic of the weekend, she did a beautiful job. When she stood to speak, you saw Jesus on her. When a session would end, I was left wanting more! Thank you R. for pouring yourself this weekend. I pray we get to serve together again..

God deserves a standing ovation, He was SO present. It was so powerful to watch walls come down and the Holy Spirit minister to some hurting hearts... are some photos from the weekend!

SO COLD!!! These two were going up Monteagle Mountain..

Isn't this the cutest little thing!

At some point, the church that I was serving, got the idea that Chad was a Dr. This is what we found in our room:

Before we got there, I had told the director that he was not a Dr. and that we had had a good laugh over that one. (When Chad first went off to college he was headed down the road to med school, then realized that he couldn't tolerate the amount of blood he would be forced to deal with, and SMELLS, he has this thing about he changed his major.)

Friday night...telling the story about ripping the hem out of my pants on Thursday and using safety pins to keep myself together...It seemed like LOTS of us had stuff happen to us last week. All wouldn't be long before we realized why. God had quite a weekend planned!

R. speaking on Friday night.

Sometime Saturday...from the way I look probably late in the PM!


Isn't that the most beautiful thing! Thrills my heart....

One of the leadership team giving us very generous gift certificates for a weekend get-away with our husbands.

I have to say thank you to my man. I would not do these sort of events without his blessing, but I COULD NOT do them without him. He turns into my driver, my agent, my sound guy. He reminds me to eat, brushes the lint off of my jacket and gives me the pep talk when I'm 10 minutes from being "on" and I get that "I can't do this, I think I'm going to throw up" look on my face...but most importantly he's my prayer warrior. There is just something about seeing him in the back of the room. Thanks Chadwick for being there for me...I love you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Memory Verse Challenge #2

It's that time! Time for the second verse of 2009. I want so much to do what God wants and be where He wants me to be. I have been praying this verse for a while.

Isaiah 59:11a (ESV)

"And the LORD will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong."

Lord may we always look for your constant guidance, even in what we see as simple daily tasks. Please satisfy us, only you will do. Strengthen our bodies, minds and souls. We can't take a step without you!

Okay...I'm off to pack! I'm headed to the hills of Tennessee to worship Jesus with a sweet group of ladies.

Talk to you later!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ear Business

My man has been suffering the last few days with this odd feeling in his ears. He describes it as being in an airplane and your ears not popping. I detest that feeling! He says the pressure is driving him crazy.

Last night we paused American Idol and talked a little about some things in front of me right. Things that are pressing, or putting a little pressure on me. I don't mean pressure in a bad's just a heaviness, a pressing in a certain area. A sense of urgency. Or as a friend told me earlier in the week, quit calling it pressure and starting calling it by it's is a calling. Well....okay then.

At one point during our conversation last night I said something to the effect of this heaviness is almost suffocating. I can't even begin to describe it and I'm not quite sure what is going on. Chad's response.."please tell God I've got the message, that you are called to something and yes I know you feel the pressure of His hand because I feel it in my ears. You can tell Him I get it! Please UNSTOP MY EARS!" Of course He was somewhat joking about this.

Right before I went to sleep, I picked up my Oswald Chambers, "My Utmost for His Highest". I read today's devotion last night. It's entitled. "Called of God". The verse is Isaiah 6:8

"Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."

Here is a little snippet of what I read:

"Many are called, few are chosen,", that is few prove themselves the chosen ones. The chosen ones are those who have come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ whereby their disposition has been altered and their ears unstopped and they hear the still small voice questioning all the time, "Who will go for us?"

He goes on to say that we often times think that when God calls us to something there is going to be this big show of it. Ummm, not always...very rare in fact. Think of how He called his was simply "follow me".

I went to sleep last night thinking and asking God to keep my ears unstopped. I want so badly to hear each word He has for me.

I'm reminded of the the first part of my James memorization..."Be quick to listen..."

God, please keep my ears unstopped. I want to hear you....

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm sitting here this afternoon with one hundred and one thoughts running through my head. So much to chew on...and yet I am having a hard time forming them into a post. Each time I get started, my cell phone beeps with a new text message. There is some serious Facebook activity going on right now!

Pretty much, all my thoughts can be traced back to one theme. Obedience.

We are barely into this new year and I'm being challenged to live, love and obey in some totally different ways. Ways that just a couple of years ago would have sent me into a tail spin. The heaviness of this is almost suffocating at times. It's what I think about, dream about..pray about...and yet a calmness seems to have covered me.

Several years ago my request of God was that I would come to a place where I did not live unmoved by Him. This year, I have felt this urge to ask Him to move me. Does that make any sense at all?

The girls and I have challenged each other to become "Action Verb Christians" this year, it's time to be a doer of the Word, time to start working this thing out. God has somethings for each of us to do and we are asking Him to show us where to begin. We want to see Him in our every day life, and we want to show Him to someone new every day.

He has given me several opportunities over the last week to once again place my "yes" on the alter. That's scary when you don't know what He's going to ask! But as scary as it is, it is MORE exciting.

So here I am saying publicly...I'm not quite sure what He has in mind or where He's sending me...but for the record...I said yes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I wasn't supposed to be home tonight...

But I am and that is okay. After a long week it is nice just be home in my comfy clothes playing on the computer. :)

Chloe is playing with a friend down the street for a little while this evening. Emma and Chad are playing the Wii. (She is recovering from the tummy bug and is enjoying having Daddy's undivided attention.)

I am feeling the need to try and make sense of some of the things from the conference I was at this week.

I shared earlier that the topic of fear had been touched on and as HUGE as that was for me, other than Sunday, it was never touched on again. The rest of the conference challenged the way I view something that is personal: money. Oh boy...

I want God to be Lord of everything and every part of my life. My outward actions, my thoughts...and the money he entrusts us with. After this week I can not even say "my" money anymore. Don't get me wrong...the last 2 years have been the shall we say leanest times of our marriage, so please don't think there is a huge amount of money sitting in our bank account just waiting to be given away. There isn't...I wish there was...because I want so bad to help those who are's a passion of mine. Anyway...

So Bruce Wilkinson is in the process of writing a new book/teaching series that is entitled "You Were Born for This." Here is a little info from the conference flyer...

We all sense everyone around us needs a miracle—God
wants you today and everyday to bring a miracle of hope, or
a breakthru, or a new lifemap, or a restoration—to give to
people what Jesus gave those around him and promised you
would too—miracles that will glorify God in people’s lives.
Do not settle for less as you love your neighbor—come be
equipped to help others with what Christ wants you to do
uniquely for them.

This series will reveal 7 Keys that result in
predictable miracles as you serve others following the
promises and patterns of the Bible. God isn’t reluctant to
show His power on your behalf—but actually seeks for people
who will live in such a way that they don’t stop His
miraculous power!

Sound good? Well let me tell you..he taught 3 keys in this particular church and I can not wait to get the book and read the others.

Back to the money thing. For almost two years a LOT of my fear has had something to do with money. Not having enough...not being able to meet our needs, much less help another get the idea. I'm sure some of you have the same sort of issues. :)

My thinking and mindset on money had a total and I mean TOTAL transformation this week. I am ashamed to admit this, but there is freedom in confessing so here goes. I realized this week that I had made money and all the emotions that come along with it, an idol. For two years I have told myself..."as Chad grow this business and as money gets better, this would happen or that would happen." Up to this week, as much as I have wanted to help in certain situations, or give to a particular charity...I just could not justify it. And here is the kicker...I would NOT give because I felt what I could give was not a large amount..therefore..not worthy to be given.

Isn't that just like the enemy? To make you believe that what you have isn't good enough? Well he is wrong. WRONG! Bruce shared some practical ways to use the money God has entrusted to you produce some good fruit for our Jesus. Okay here is one...

The God Pocket. The idea is that you set aside a small place in your wallet or purse that you place an amount of money in.(that amount is determined between you and God) As you go out and about your day you ask God to show you who needs it. It may be standing in the line at the grocery the gas station...the waitress that serves you at lunch...or the Doctor's office. God will let you know when to use the God pocket money. The only thing HAVE to make sure and tell the recipent that it's God's money and that He wanted them to have it. You are just the delivery person so make sure you let all the glory go to the giver..and that giver is God. The girls and I are doing this and can't wait for the first time God prompts us to use it!

I'm praying that this one concept shows our family that little is much when God is in it. Our $5, $10 or $20 right now may be HUGE to someone else.

Oh and you know what? Mama Siesta Beth got all up in my face with this same sort of concept today in my Bible tough as that pill was to swallow...I love it when God does this in my life. He really does hear us you know.

Well...this is so much longer than I intended and I'm praying that it makes sense...I'm going to skip proof reading and play Wii with my man. Our last two rounds of golf, I've beat him by like oh...15 strokes! It's so hard to be this good....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where to start

My mind is spinning. I got home around 11:30 last night and attempted to go to bed but I could not slow my mind down enough! This conference has totally changed my perception on giving, on missions, on how I do life.

There is so much to process and pray about and I'm not quite ready to share all those things yet. There is one thought from the Sunday sessions that have continued to challenge, or better said, stepped all over my toes. It has been an area that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.


It is quite a stronghold in my life, and while God and I have made progress, it is an area that I continue to feel struggle in. So here is the statement that was made in my face Sunday.

Quit asking God to take away your fear. Start asking Him for courage.

I was then challenged to imagine just what would happen if I stopped living in the land of fear and what if's and got some godly courage and boldness.

(On a sidenote, after I got home last night I decided to check e-mail and wound up reading Fran's blog and guess what her post is about...Fear. She pretty much asked word for word the same question..what would happen if you didn't live in fear. Yes Lord I see the neon arrow on that part of my life.)

When we left Sunday, I honestly thought that I had received what God wanted me to hear and that everything else would be gravy. (Hopefully Boomama's choc. gravy!)

Wrong. Monday and Tuesday evening gave me one of those headaches you get when you are slapped in the face with Truth and it is almost too much to take in. God says "open your mouth and I will fill it with good things." I feel like I was choking trying to digest SO much good stuff so fast. Oh it was good.

I'm still not quite sure what specifically to share here so until that time, I'm just going to say that the last 3 days have been life changing.

Okay, it's time to start school! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Have you recovered? We are finally getting back to normal around here. The girls and I took the tree down today and Chad, bless his heart, carried all the Christmas bins up to the attic. I think he had the hardest part of it all. With the tree down, I got the itch to rearrange our family room. So we did and I love it. I need to purchase a few new candles and it will be finished...for now.. :)

I found my Whispers of Hope daily planner today!!! You don't know what a blessing that is. I bought this planner in San Antonio and have used it for all my stuff, well I USED it until I misplaced it sometime in November. Anyway, I found it today. My heart is happy. I have filled in all my important dates for January and's busy.

Remember the "doing" thing I told you about in my last post...

I have been waiting for this January for several months! I have the honor of leading worship for women's retreat over in the Memphis area in a couple of weekends. I'm going solo on this and as usual the enemy is attempting to do a number on me. Bronchitis, fear of being on that stage alone, and my personal favorite...what in the world are you going to wear? Yes...I'm serious on that last one. But God once again showed up today as I had $30 in Kohl's cash to use before Saturday. We hit Kohl's, (where God showed up in the Vera Wang section last month) and I found not one, but TWO pair of petite length pants in my size (that I will not tell you!) ON SALE, PLUS a sweater. With my Kohl's cash...I paid next to nothing. So take that you sly God is bigger than you...

Back to the seriousness....

For several weeks I felt the urgency to write something original for these ladies I will worship and study with. I had 3 words. I am not kidding you...3 words. I'm all about being intentional in what you speak or sing..but 3 words!?!?!?

After calling in some prayer support, and locking myself in the guest/music/office room..God gave me a few more words and I'm looking forward (and a little nervous) to share this new song with these ladies.

I tell you this to ask you to pray if you think about it...pray for the weekend of the 16th. I feel an extra tug on my heart to pray for the women of this church who want to go, but can't financially see how it will happen..would you join me in praying that God would make a way for those ladies?

This Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Freedom's Call has the awesome opportunity to sit under the teaching of Bruce Wilkinson. Our Bible teacher Jill works for Bruce and they are in Atlanta this week for a conference. "You Were Born For This" is the theme and can I just tell you that I am pumped about this! I'm sure there will be several blog posts over the next few days about this subject. (That has been a a theme that has popped up in my quiet time and other places for about 3 months.)'s almost 9:00 here..that means it is time for my lovely meds again. Nothing says "H.O.T." like an inhaler and cough medicine. :)