Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do It Lord

Our church is praying and preparing for what we are calling a "Day of Hope". (December 13) Each Connection class(Sunday School), the sermons, and even our daily devotional guide is geared to preparing our hearts and minds for this day. We are focusing in on developing relationships with un-churched people in our lives.

With that little bit of history behind us, I'm going to tell you what hit me between the eyes today.

Today was Day Four in our Devotional Guide - The Process of Changing Your Community. While the devotion was good, what totally rocked my world today was the prayer. (Side note-it blows my mind to think of the number of people praying the SAME PRAYER. Oh.My.Goodness.)

Here is the line that made my stomach flip and brought tears to my eyes.

"Please do something we are not used to. Thank you for whatever it is you have in store for us."

Go on read and it again, I'll wait for you.

Something we are not used to.

Yes. I'll have that please.

What in the world would happen if we got serious about praying that? Not just for our community but for our family, for OURSELF!

Last weekend He did something I was not USED to and I saw His glory. I wouldn't trade that for anything! Was it a little strange? Yes. Was I scared? You better believe it. Was it worth it? Oh yes.

I believe that when He calls us to something He will equip us to do it and when we are properly positioned, "I" will not have a clue how it happens.

Oh friends, I can't help but think of part of the passage our Connection Group has been in.

Col. 3:1-3(ESV)

"If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth."

And Jeremiah 33:3 (ESV)

"Call to me and I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known."

And then this verse that I can not find the passage for and that is driving me nuts. So I will just summarize.

You will look to the right and the left and hear a voice that says this is the way walk in it.

Oh goodness. I was so challenged by that simple prayer today to turn ALL my attention to God and anticipate what HE has planned for this community and in my personal life over the next few weeks. I don't want it be anything we have ever experienced before! Why? Because I want to see His Glory like I have never seen it before.

Please God, do something we are not used to.


Leah Adams said...

Oh yes, I really, really want Him to do something that I am not used to. Do it, Lord.


Heather said...

Oh, that is a scary prayer...but you are right. If we really pray and tune in to Him, He will do it and we will be better for it. Others, too.

Anonymous said...


I was reading Kelly's blog about her trip to El Salvador, then read the Jone's blog, and saw your name, which I have seen on Living Proof's blog, and noticed as I also LOVE the ocean. I wrote that prayer in my notebook, as it went STRAIGHT TO MY HEART. My family is going through some mental illness issues, growing up issues, etc., and in the process of sorting them all out God has been so good to guide and direct through the difficult parts......... and this is such a reassurance that He knows what we are going through and it is Okay, as He is here and knows what He has in store for us. Thank you so much for sharing that. And nice to meet you,

Cheri said...

Hi Stephanie! I was wondering what the devotional book is called and the author which you got this from. Sounds like something I'd love to read.

I'm with you...Do something we're not used to. Sounds GREAT to me!!
:0) Have a blessed day Stephanie.