Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recently Added to My Favorite Things List

Next Tuesday, March 23, Robbie Seay Band is releasing their new project "Miracle".
I first REALLY listened to these guys right after the earthquake in Haiti and we were praying so hard for a precious boy to be allowed to come home with his adoptive family. Boy, God did a huge miracle there didn't He!

When I received an e-mail last night with information about next weeks release, I was so blessed by the written word of these artists. Read Robbie's words and be blessed.

“In some ways, this record reflects the past year for us - representing a broader journey and reality,” Robbie says. “From the deepest depths of sorrow and angst to the greatest moments of celebration in scripture, the band strikes up and it’s beautiful to be part of that. Each song seems to echo what God is doing among us, that this is not a me-centered life we’re living... we are not alone.”

“The title track and first single of the project, “Miracle” came in the wake of devastating news. I remember getting a phone call from one of my closest friends. ‘Kristy has cancer. It doesn't look good, but we're believing for a Miracle.’ I wrote the lyrics the next day. I prayed and believed with him. Kristy, wife and mother of three young boys would die two months later. “

“The song is not a miracle sweat cloth,” Robbie continues, “or a televangelist coming to a town near you. It's the crying out when you're in the depths of life. Believing. And as we all know, sometimes it doesn't end like we so fervently believed. The song is not a promise of a miracle. It is, however, the declaration that we all will find ourselves in great need of one at some point in our lives - and in those moments, we choose to believe even when we can't see our hands in front of our face.”

For me, these words spoke volumes about worship leading, writing and being faithful to serve where God puts us. “Part of the calling of a worship leader is to be compelled and obligated to voice the prayers of the community and live in the middle of what’s truly happening in your community. That is far more powerful than simply regurgitating and mimicking music from other communities.”

Oh these words. THESE words took my respect for these worship leaders to a new level.

“Our music isn’t just a vehicle for what I’ve got to say. It’s a dual calling, being a person of faith and an artist with some influence. The idea that any of us are grand saints of the faith is just ludicrous. Most of us artists are just trying to love family, love God and make good music.

“The older I get, the more I have to make sure I’m answering both callings, asking, ‘What would you have me say, God?’ Would you give me the strength to say it?’ That’s the kind of artist I want to be.”

What would you have me say God and give me strength to say it. Those words are going to be typed, framed and placed on my piano. I don't ever want to pen a lyric without praying them. on the songs in my sidebar. LISTEN and listen some more. Then on MARCH 23, PURCHASE this album. :) I know you are going to be blessed.


Oh and my favorite right this very minute is "Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go". Take a listen and tell me what you think!


Jennifer said...

I think this post was for me. Very timely. I had your blog open while working & listened to the whole CD twice. Also, I was asking God for direction in prayer for a friend, and felt led to pray for grace... right at that moment, I heard "We need Your grace!!!" from the song 'Lament'... confirmation. AWESOME CD! Thank you for sharing!