Saturday, August 21, 2010

Intense Mirror Time

Over the last few months God has impressed something on my heart. I would talk to Chad about the situation and all that was on my heart and he listened. Occasionally, he would suggest that I needed to do a particular thing but I was scared. My human nature strongly disliked the potential consequences. And trust me, I had about 100 different scenarios on how things could go.

My former buddy fear started hanging around. I would be praying about this thing and hear "What if.....?" It was crazy. I KNOW to grab the thoughts, line them up under God's word and trash what doesn't agree with it. But in this particular thing, it was a struggle.

Struggle really isn't a strong enough word. This was a battle. A battle for freedom and honestly, the enemy didn't want to see that happen. Believe me when I say he kicked into high gear to prevent it. He failed by the way.

This is vague I know, but what God showed me after the particular thing was over, has overwhelmed my heart.

He reminded me how important mirror time is. Time to stop and take a good long look at where He and I are. He's given me some questions to ask myself and I'm to journal those answers so that I don't forget.

Questions like,

Am I spending focused time with the Lord each day? If not, why?

Have I asked the Lord to speak to me this week and I have I sat quietly and listened?

Am I placing my acts of service for the Lord (choir, ministry, teaching Bible Study...) ahead of God? Have they become an idol?

What things in me need to be stripped away so that God can complete what He's started in me?

Who am I sharing my Jesus story with?

Oh, I didn't even get to the hard stuff. Some of those I can hardly even speak aloud, much less include here.

This post was started in June. At the time, I didn't feel like I could post it. Today, on a lazy Saturday after some mirror time, He reminded me of the questions. It was time to sit with them again.

I can tell that Mirror Time is going to continue to be part of my life. As hard as it can be, it is so worth it.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Whew!! That's some hard stuff right there. I've had Him cause me to ask myself many of those same questions in the past and usually I did not like the answers I had to give.

The beautiful part is that He does not do it to shame us, but rather to grow us into a beautiful portrait of His grace.