Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello There

When it comes to blogging I'm in a summer slump. I have lots of posts in the draft form, but when it comes down to polishing and publishing...I can't concentrate. I'm blaming the heat. And my desire to be in the pool. But truth be told, God hasn't released me to share some of those posts. So I'll wait.

Chad and I are enjoying a week of quiet and alone time. Last Friday afternoon we headed to Chattanooga for a weekend of celebrations and to leave our girls for the Fourth Annual Gram's Camp.

Celebration number 1 was for my grandparents. J. and H. were married 70 years in June. We had a small get together on Saturday.

They were blessed to see 40 of their friends, family and church members drop in for some good food and wedding cake.

I'm posting a picture of the table for one reason. At each and every family holiday, get together, celebration type event, my Mamaw would MAKE my Papaw take a picture of the table BEFORE we all were seated. EVERY TIME. I am not kidding. SO...Saturday I took a picture of the table. :)

Had to post this one of Colin and Emma.

Dad and one of their friends and church members.

My baby sister and I. She's taller but so graciously took off her heels and stooped over so we were almost the same height. ( And yes. I know that I blend in with the walls!)

Sunday after church, we finished off the leftovers from Saturday's reception along with some ribs and typical July 4th goodies. Then we headed downtown to watch the Chattanooga Lookouts walk all over the Carolina Mudcats. (What exactly is a mudcat?)

I was impressed that the five grandchildren were SO into the game. Each one watched, cheered and did not complain one time about heat, being hungry or thirsty...they were great. (Probably helped that we had 14 seats and they could move around a little.) I wish I had taken a video of their chant. Let's just say they redid "Pants on the Ground". We are a traveling sideshow.

It may have helped that we fed them like there was no tomorrow! This is Morgan. Eating the hot dog part of Emma's corn dog. She had already had cracker jacks, ice cream and a grape slush. She also shared a funnel cake with Chad and I.

After the game we hung around for the fireworks show and my almost four year old nieces loved them. I was holding Mia and she kept saying, "That was green for Grams! That red was for my daddy. We wear red on game day." (They are GA fans, imagine.) "OH PINK! That's for us Aunt Steffie."

My girls were great helpers and we have decided that we have a new family tradition. The Fourth will be spent at the Lookouts. Fun times.

(Colin in my dad's "army hat" as the kids call it)

Monday morning all the parents left and the kids stayed for Gram's and Daddy Mack Camp. From what I hear, they have a very full week planned. I can't wait to hear all about it!

This was early Monday morning right before the parents left and camp officially began.

It's probably a good thing the girls are there this week. Chad is getting ready to race in the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon on Sunday. Our breakfast area has turned into his packing/transition area.

I'm so proud of him and will definitely be posting pictures on Monday. :) Till then, he has me praying that the river is REALLY moving so his swim time is faster!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Looks like fun!!! Enjoy your time with your man. That is so important!! Good luck to Chad and I'll talk to you next week.


Cindy said...

Loved the pictures. I can't even imagine being married for 70 years. What a blessing.