Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Lazy Saturday that Could Have Gone Bad.

Chad surprised me last night with a date night. Walked in the door after work and said, how long until dinner is ready? I told him 10 minutes and he said, "Good, we leave in 15 minutes."

Thank the good Lord I had makeup on. He handled the rest of dinner while I cleaned up and got changed. Babysitter taken care of and we were out the door within 15 minutes. HUGE, for this OCD planner. Since this was our first and last free weekend for a while, it was good to escape to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a little while.

Since we had no official plans today, we slept in. (Chloe and I were both awake around our normal times.) It's been awhile since I did not wake up to an alarm. LOVED it.

After half a bagel, I headed out with my handsome trainer to run. Today was my first 6 mile run. Yes, I lived. Moving slower than normal this afternoon, but I lived. Totally off subject - I have started my search for my marathon outfit. Apparently, it isn't a good idea to wear new clothes for the first time on race day. SO....I've got to find the outfit and break it in before November, 13. Who knew? I sure didn't. This running thing is a whole new world. And I love it.

Here is the reason this Saturday could have gone bad fast for me.

There were two conferences I really wanted to be at this weekend. Honestly, I have been a little unsettled all week knowing that it wasn't going to happen. At the same time I was looking forward to some much needed family time at home. (WITH NO PLANS.) It was this up and down roller coaster of emotions all week long. This morning as I was running next to Chad, it hit me that I was content. Content that I was right where I needed to be, but more importantly where God wanted me to be this weekend.

I could log on to Twitter and FaceBook, see my friends updates from these two totally different locations and be thrilled for them to be there. I could read their updates and be happy that I was at home with my favorite people.

The Saturday that could have gone bad did not. God knew that I needed the rest and family time. He knows what next weekend holds and that I will need to be rested and focused on Him.

This weekend was just one more reminder that He is for us and for our good. As much as I would have loved to have been at either of those conferences, I would not trade date night and this beautiful Saturday with my family for anything.


(Oh, and if you think about us, please pray for Freedom's Call as we will be ministering to a group of women in Centerville, GA next weekend! We are excited and can't wait to see what God is going to do! Thanks!)


Cindy said...

When my children were younger the Saturdays with no plans were few and far between. I absolutely loved nothing more than to spend a quiet weekend with everyone at home ad nowhere to be! Glad you had a restful weekend.

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

God bless you as you run, my friend. Running is not for me. Kills my heels and knees.

I pray that you and Freedom's Call will be hugely blessed as you bless others next weekend.