Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days Transforming My Quiet Time Day 4

Today, I finished 2 Samuel, and was in Psalm 64, Ezekiel 25 and Romans 1:1-17.

Before I share what my light bulb moment was, I have to say that God woke me up at 4:11. Yes, 4:11. He woke me up with a friend's mom on my heart. She had surgery this morning and I felt the urge to pray for her. So I stayed tucked warm in my bed and prayed. At 5:30, I got up to come downstairs for quiet time. Looking back, I should have put my feet on the floor at 4:11 when God woke me up. In some way, I feel like I missed something He wanted to show me early in the morning.

Today's light bulb moment wasn't a new verse, but with this morning's wake up call, it hit a little closer to the heart.

It's 2 Samuel 24:24b. "I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing."

This morning, my heart was reminded that I need to give God my best each and every day. Whatever I am doing, laundry, teaching Bible study, playing with my girls, cooking dinner, whatever He has for me today...MUST BE DONE with that mindset and attitude of worship. These daily actions are an offering to my Lord. An offering that is going to cost me something.

I wouldn't think of putting a partially cooked meal in front of my family. (Well, not on purpose!)So how dare I offer God a "partial" offering. That's how I feel about that 4:11 wake up call.

God woke me up and I stayed in my warm comfortable bed. THEN after a little while, when I was ready to, I got up to spend time with Him. I made the wrong choice. Sure, being out of the bed way before the sun comes up would cost me a few minutes of sleep. BUT, what God had to offer me would far outweigh that extra 10 minutes.

If tomorrow morning He sees fit to wake me up at 4:11, you better believe my feet will be headed downstairs to sit a while with my Savior.

The coffee is already set! All I have to do is hit that beautiful four letter word: BREW. :)

Anticipating Him!