Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Present Control

Here is a short snippet of what God and I are working out right now.

I have been fixated on this thought recently...

If I am in control, then I am not allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me and operate through me.

I know that as a Christian the Holy spirit is alive in me. God sealed him there and there he stays. BUT...something in my "Living Beyond Yourself" study about two weeks ago, just hit me between the eyes.

If you have this study is found on page 38 and this is the quote that knocked be backwards....

" The Holy Spirit is ready and able to to fill the believer, but He will not agree to perform this ministry unless He is in present control of the one He inhabits."

Oh boy did that make me uncomfortable.

"in present control"

My heart's desire is to operate fully filled each minute of the day but obviously, the Holy Spirit is not in present control of me each minute because I TRY TO BE IN CONTROL.

When I loose my temper over something silly, He's not in present control.

When I think of 100 different things to say to that one person that works my one good nerve, He's not in present control.

You get the idea...

Ephesians 5:18 says that we should be "filled with the Spirit".

He seems to be giving me opportunity after opportunity to CHOOSE to allow Him to be in complete control. I would love to tell you that I was passing these tests with flying colors....but I can't.

However..little by little I'm finding that as I surrender to His control in some very specific areas, I'm seeing some MASSIVE changes. I can't help but think.."what would have happened if I had done this years ago?" It's so exciting to see Him at work.

Oh God - be in present control of my being. Each cell, each word and each action I take..I want them all to be a neon arrow pointing straight to you. Fill me up to overflowing with your Holy Spirit.


Still Learning said...

Hi, usually I just read but I had to comment today.
Don't be too hard on yourself, it's hard to stay "surrendered". It is hard to walk in that perfect love at all times, we do take over, we do get irritated. But I want you to know that for me, you do have a beautiful neon sign pointing straight to God. Your heart is always after God, He seems to always be moving in your life. He is always moving you it seems in wonderful ways to use you & draw you closer to Him, to teach you, to help others. To me at least, you are a wonderful example of a person who has a heart for God. It sounds like a wonderful Bible Study, one we could all use I am sure. What a scary thought to think of how much we miss out on by being in total control of ourselves instead of remembering to step aside & let God guide us & listen for Him. Who was it that said Fools rush in? I love your blog... you always have a good spiritual nugget to chew on.
Thank you for being a friend & a beautiful example of God's love in the flesh. I can't wait to see what is in store for you.. if God is showing you this, He must have something big in store & He is getting you ready. Now that's exciting. Pack your spiritual bags, you're going on a journey.

God Chaser said...

Thanks for sharing this I have never thought about the Holy Spirit having to be in control of me at all times- as I just think over this day and the momemnts He was in control were truly awesome. Once I beginto take control of my day I think I moved a litter further from the upclose Presence of God. We must be consious of who we are allowing to be in control and like you there are many moments when He is definitly not in control of my actions. May this cease to be rare and become the rule of my life. Bless You

Heather C said...

Excellent post! I so love your willingness to be vulnerable. I'm right there with you in the struggle. It's a constant battle for control... am I going to sieze it for myself, or yield to the Spirit? I often feel like Paul must have... doing the things I don't want to and not doing the things I do want to. Praise Jesus, His mercies are new every morning! Thanks for another great blog!

Darlene R. said...

Thanks for giving me something to think about on this quiet afternoon.:)

Cindy said...

Isn't it so hard to just let go and give God complete control? I try daily to do this. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't.

Leah and I will be in Buford next Wednesday. If possible maybe you could meet us.

Darlene R. said...

Hey girl! I linked to you on my post today! Just wanted to let you know.


Leah said...


The message that I will be teaching this Sunday evening includes some about being filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is focused on Elizabeth and Mary from Luke 1, but it is sooo applicable to us.

We have to be willing and humble and teachable in order for the Spirit to fully fill us and use us. Oh, how often I fall short!! Each day I ask the Lord to help me be a 'living sacrifice' because then I am completely yielded to Him.

BTW, Cindy and I will be at the MOG on Thursday the 20th and some on Friday morning, rather than Wednesday. We have tickets to see Angela Thomas at North Metro's Christmas Tea on Thursday night!!! We will be heading down Thursday morning to get some shopping in prior to the event in the evening.


Fran said...

Oh, this is sooooo good Steph. I'm praying this for myself right now. That study was one of my absolute favorites. I loved it.
I need to do it again on my own I think. :)

I love ya girl. Have a great day with those precious girls.

Jennifer said...

Some great thoughts on being controlled by the Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for your thoughts.


darla said...

loved this study, and you know I had to check but I underlined that phrase too. I think that this is something we constantly work at, or else there is a tug of war in our soul for control. Which would account for those times i have to ask myself.."why so downcast Oh my soul" OUCH that hurt to just type it...any way you are not alone..love you Princess!