Monday, November 3, 2008

This is Where We Wound Up This Weekend

In Jacksonville to surprise ZuZu for her Birthday!!! (It was Saturday.) Notice the orange vest??? Guess who she loves...

After a great lunch at Jax Seafood Shack, which was incredible, we came home to assemble the rest of the girls costumes. They went as hobos. Personally, I thought they looked more like Huckleberry Finn..but they are hobos.

Like I said, we were there to celebrate Zuzu's day. Guess how we did that? We saw High School Musical 3 and we LOVED IT!!! (I think Granddaddy was tapping his foot at one point.) Anyway...Chloe was next to me and she and I both had tears in our eyes during one particular scene.

The girls spent most of their time at the house going between the pool (a VERY cool 71 degrees) and the "HOT POOL" as Emma calls it. It was much warmer.

We tried to enjoy the TN football game, but there just isn't much to enjoy about TN football this year.

We hit the road early Sunday morning. Our first stop was Dunkin' Donuts. Praise the Lord for Turbo coffee and munchkins. I had to take a picture of our dog Paddington. He is so attached to Chad and whimpers and whines when Chad gets out of the car OR orders something in a drive-thru.

Chad and Chloe had run into pick up our breakfast and this is how Paddington waited.

For 10 minutes this dog waited for Chad to come back out. He "sang" to us the entire time. I tried to video it, but I had too many pictures on my camera.

Oh and Jenny..Chad came out and said.." You know that bon qui qui at King Burger video you made me watch last week? Bon qui qui is alive and working in there!" Apparently her favorite line was "Anything else." Chad would say "Why yes..." this went on for five minutes as she asked this after each item...finally she through up her hand and said..."you're done. $17.22 please."

I was cracking up at him telling me this and then I tasted my turbo coffee...I hated to ask him to do this..but it NEEDED sugar and cream. He was thrilled to go back to ask for cream and sugar. When he walked in Bon qui qui said.."you again. what now."

We laughed at her all the way home.

Okay. So we are home and ready to start school this morning. I'm looking at that laundry pile and feeling a bit overwhelmed so I'm off to conquer that mountain!


Patty said...

What fun! Can I go with you all next time? Say, next year when Tennessee has a different team and we all can watch the game together? heehee

The girls are sooooo cute!
Paddington is adorable.

I am with you on the laundry but before I tackel the laundry I am headed outside to have my quiet time.

Have a great day.

Leah said...

Wow!! Sounds like quite a weekend!! The doggy is soo cute--just like the rest of your family. Ya'll are all so darned cute!!


Melinda said...

So glad you had fun down here in Florida...wishing I lived closer to Jax and would've run over for a quick hug!

Those Huckleberry-Hobos are adorable!


BethAnne said...

YAY! I love me some Florida. And those are some cute hobos (a little neater than most I have seen, but very cute).

And Tennessee???? Why dont we just quit this season and start fresh next year? New coach, new team, new season.......we are disgusted around here.

jodi said...

I am rolling laughing! Bon qui qui is alive and well??? Which Dunkin Donuts? I will drive to Fl if I have to!

Lora said...

Aww, cute little hobo's! And your dog Paddington - missing the master!
I wish my lemon tree looked as good as the one in your pictures. I was just moving mine around today (it's in a big pot) and needs some TLC.

Julie said...

Those girls are the most adorable and beautiful Hobos/Huckleberry fins! I loved these pictures.

Carol said...

Too funny! Go big orange!