Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tired Ears

Being with my nieces last week brought back so many memories of my girls at that wonderful age of two. All of the children on this side of the family share one "talent", they start talking early and they never stop. :) Between the four of them, my ears hurt by the time Thursday afternoon rolled around.

At times, it seemed each one needed something totally different from the other. Morgan would need to hear "good job" while Mia wanted someone to hold her. Emma just wanted a little peace and quiet and Chloe, well Chloe just wanted to talk. :) I loved every minute.

This morning I was sitting with God thinking about several specific situations. Some in our family and some not. Can I just be totally honest here?

He absolutely amazes me.

God doesn't slumber or sleep. Unlike me, He is never overwhelmed with all these children demanding His attention. He is adequate to supply each and every need I know off AND the ones I'm not even aware of.

This is the verse He gave me last week in the middle of taking care of all those beautiful girls.

Isaiah 59:1

Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save, or His ear dull that it cannot hear." (ESV)

I pray that today you know, really know that God's arm is long enough to reach you, and that His hearing is as sharp as ever. He hears you sweet friend, slow down and listen for His response.


Leah said...

Beautiful post!! I'm so thankful that He hears each of us perfectly. Even when we don't know the words to use, He still hears the cry of our heart!!

Praise Him!!


Patty said...

I thought of that verse this morning in my quiet time. I saw it on FB yesterday and I remembered it this morning and I prayed for you all and us!

Believing God!!

Love you!

Heather said...

Oh, this is good! I swear my ears will fall off sometimes if I hear one more "Hey, Mama?!?!" But God is good to remind me that this precious season will be gone before I know it!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...


Thanks so much for the Blog Welcome! I loved your recent post!


Fran said...

One of my most favorite verses. I just adore that picture of that girls. Life is crazy and maddening and beautiful all at the same time huh?! ;) Thankfully, God is mindful and listening every so closely for our hearts and voices toward Him.

I love ya much!