Friday, March 13, 2009

The Glorious Impossible

Matthew 19:26 NIV
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

I have avoided blogging all week because I knew exactly what I was supposed to share and quite frankly, I don't want to. It's hard and it hurts...but I have to.

Over the last two weeks, I have shared with you that we have, what has felt like an impossible situation. Last week the heaviness of that situation was at an all time high for me. As I prayed about it I got nothing. No writing on the wall, no answer in the mail, no word of direction. Simply put, silence.

The impossible continued to become bigger. It was soon demanding ALL my time, my energy, and my emotion. My impossible had become my idol.

I was allowing the enemy to use what I felt was impossible to distract and discourage me. Before I knew it, I was opening the door and saying "come on in" to an old stronghold....FEAR.

At some point toward the end of the week and into the weekend, I began to think about this song our choir sang last year during the Christmas season, "Glorious Impossible". This song talks about Jesus being THE Glorious Impossible. His miraculous conception and birth, His sinless life and His victory over the grave.

As our pastor preached Sunday morning I had a hard time concentrating. My impossible was fighting for my attention. As pastor continued to talk about chasing down that lion, I felt like my personal lion was circling closer to me than ever. Taunting me and having a good time doing it.

Honestly, I felt like he had already knocked me down and I was struggling to stay up. I finally had to just say God tell me what I'm supposed to hear from you today. He did.

This is what I felt Him say to me:

"You need to let THE GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE make your impossible glorious."

(Okay Esther girls...what do we call that??? Maybe a little chiastic structure????)

You see, for several weeks I have been praying that I would live a life that says "That had to be God." Making His name known is the deepest desire of my heart. If He has to take us through this so that He can get some glory, then okay. I surrender.

So this week, I have meditated on Matthew 19:26 and each time I feel that overwhelming sense of fear...I ask Him to make my impossible glorious.


Sheryl said...

I don't know what your impossible is. But I needed this for mine. Thanks so much for sharing this today!!

Holly said...

Love that chiastic structure! Love His Gloriousness over your impossible...Love Him! And I'm trusting Him with you to be mighty over you, dear Stephanie.


Anonymous said...

Don't we serve an awesome GOD!
Nancy in North Carolina

Patty said...

I needed this today. The enemy has been taunting me a lot today and it has been a hard day. Thank you for sharing this! As soon as God delivers, I will let you know!

Love you!

Melinda said...

That Bethie told us we'd start seeing that chiastic structure in everything and she wasn't kidding, was she? I've seen it over and over this week!

I have to say that letting the "Glorious Impossible" make your "impossible glorious" is perhaps my favorite of all. I've had an old stronghold rear it's ugly head these last couple of weeks, myself...I needed to hear this, too.

Love you Steph,

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl you are so precious! I am always inspired by you!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my son - he is going thru a difficult time right time. I would really appreciate the prayers.
Nancy in North Carolina

Bev Brandon said...

I love the ways you wrestle with the deep things of God in your life. Doesn't matter what the fear or jealousy or even good things are, whatever rules our heart more than the love of Christ is an idol. And you know the verse that says if we are burning the wood and use half of it for fire and the other half carved into an idol, it's not of God. Sounds like the beautiful God in you is answering you and saying...Come Closer. Draw near to HIM and He will draw near to you. So love your tender words and beautiful heart. Love, Me

Carol said...

That was AWESOME!