Friday, March 20, 2009

I know, I know....

I know that posting this will bring MUCH ridicule by some of my dearest friends. But I don't care. :)

Patty has been posting and sharing about simple things lately. I too have had the concept playing over and over in my mind.

SO earlier when I read Patty's God Stop Friday post, she talked about some simple things..I knew that I had one to share. And believe me when I say it's simple. :)

Monday night as I was cleaning up dinner I made the comment, "I need cake." I didn't think anyone heard me, the girls were heading upstairs, Chad was playing with Paddington and I was just talking to myself.

A few minutes later, I sat down to scan FaceBook. I updated my status to something like "I want cake." About the same time Chad came out of our room and said he needed to run to the store for shampoo or something. I didn't think one thing about it. He buys his own "beauty" supplies. No big deal.

When he returned this is what he brought in:

Isn't she beautiful! That's a cream cheese filling between the best two layers of chocolate. Oh. MY. Goodness. The Publix bakery outdid themselves with this one!!

I will be enjoying the last little bit of it after lunch. :) the thing that will bring ridicule like you can't even begin to imagine.

Last week I referenced here the song "Simple Things". (By my all time favorite artist) Well...I'm going to share it with you today.



Haley said...

I love to hear about "simple" things. That's what I usually post about! (Or I post pictures of my screaming child...Oh my goodness. So glad to hear from your comment that you've experienced something similar because to me, your girls are close to perfect :-])What a sweet man you have! Love you!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE that song - LOVE Jim Brickman! His music just calms me no matter what!

PS - ummm, I want cake.

DERN - didn't work.

Patty said...

Let me get this out of the way first:
The cake, she is or was pretty. :) I love that the Chadster surprised you with it and I can tell he is a sweet husband who loves doing things with his family. What was the name of the cake? I need to go to our Publix and see if it is there. :)

The Simple Things. Simple Pleasures. I am starting a weekly blog post about that and I asked Holly if she would make a button for me. God has burned that into my heart and won't let it go. I think God has plans for that. :)

Tell the Chad man and your sweet girls hello from G and me!
Have a great weekend.

Fran said...

Well, that is simple and sure sweet of that precious husband!!!!

Happy weekend Steph. Love you to pieces and always praying for your wonderful family.


HisTreasuredPossession said...

that looks simply a-mazingly delishious! can I have some!

so thankful for simple things!!

Heather C said...

How sweet! You are blessed, as is Chad. :)

Leah said...

Not sure which is sweeter---the cake or hubby. What a precious thing for him to do!! I know you enjoyed EVERY last bite.

Have a great weekend.


Cheryl said...

That cake looks soooo good! What an attentive hubbie!