Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

I'm feeling all "listy" today. So here are just a few of the things that have crossed my mind since my feet hit the floor this morning.

1. I'm late! I never heard my 5:00 alarm and woke up a few minutes before 7:00. That is late for me. I've been an hour off all day.

2. Is today the day the Parker boys leave Haiti and join the rest of their family in Houston? Well...it's getting closer by the minute! Pray for the flight situation.

3. "So Long Insecurity, you've been a bad friend to us" IS OUT TODAY!!!! I will be respectfully asking the man for $17.99 to hit the LifeWay tomorrow to pick up a copy!Can NOT wait to hear Beth Moore speak on this in April. I have a feeling it's going to be quite a day.

4. I'm so thankful for the new AdvoCare product I'm taking for my joint issues. (Don't want to use the nasty arthritis word because I hate the way it sounds.) Since I've started using it, I have had very little of the "a" pain. AND can complete my workout without feeling like an 90 year old woman. You can check it out here

5. I was blessed to be given a copy of John and Stasi Eldredge's new book "Love and War". While I'll be posting a review next week, I could NOT wait to share a quote that I read last night. In fact, I woke Chad up and made him listen to it....twice.... you ready?

"The human heart has an infinite capacity for happiness and an unending need for love, because it is created for an infinite God who is unending love."

I think that speaks for itself.

6. I have a heavy heart for one of Chloe's teachers who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has surgery next Monday. Chloe is praying each day for her healing.

7. Emma absolutely makes me laugh until my sides hurt and I'm so thankful for her. She is just funny and beautiful and I'm taken by her. She is getting ready for Bible quiz this weekend and working so hard. That means mommy is asking lots of questions like...."What does it mean to fall short of the glory of God, and please give a backup verse to go with it."

8. I'm so proud of Chad. God is doing something in him during this recovery time. He has always worked hard. ALWAYS...and I'm thankful that he has taken that work ethic into this rehab time. He knows that it will pay off in the long run. He is WAY more patient than I am.

9. I'm pumped about going through Kelly Minter's "Ruth" study with a small group from our Connections (Sunday School) class. I finished it on my own a couple of weeks ago, but I can't wait to do it with a group and see what God does! Nothing excites me more than ladies Bible study.

10. The roast is smelling good and I'm ready to go pop some homemade garlic cheese biscuits in the oven to go with the rest of dinner.

You think that is random? I just gave you 10, I could have gone on at least 10 more!

I hope your day has been a good one and that you know I'm so thankful you stopped by. You have been prayed for today!



Patty said...

Stopping by to say I like your random list and I can't wait to read SLI book!!

Your dinner sounds delicious!

Eating my breakfast bar tomorrow and drinking my SLAM!

Love you,

jenmom said...

Love the list! Thankful for Chad's recovery and praising God with you for it!

Hoping to get myself a copy of Beth's book!