Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's Your Week Look Like?

It's a very cold, damp, wintry February evening around here. I love it. I LOVE winter, I just wish we had some of the snow our Virginia family members have right now. I know they are over it all, but I would love to be snowed in with my people. In fact, I've got "supplies" on hand for soup, homemade bread...all sorts of warm food to cook. I've got activities planned and surprises ready...just waiting on that snow.

I spent Friday morning with some special ladies. One in particular is such a Titus woman to me. She is passionate about "home" and has been saving LOTS of money on her grocery bill. She opened her home to a few of us Friday and we enjoyed muffins, fruit and coffee while she let us in on how she's saving so much money! I'm pumped and excited and can hardly wait. But, you know what I love...she started off in Proverbs. LOVE a woman that takes every thing right back to the Word.

We are one week away from Valentine's Day. This week, the girls and I will be working on our valentine cards, and some baking projects in the afternoons. It's a surprisingly quiet week for us. Nothing crazy and I'm really looking forward to that!

I will brag on my man for a minute. Last week he arranged for our sitter to come Friday night so we could go out to celebrate Valentine's AND more importantly, the
18th anniversary of our first date. Thank goodness we are eating a little better than we did that night! (Although that pizza was pretty good.) Not sure what the plan is. He refuses to tell me, so I'm thinking he doesn't know yet. BUT, contrary to what he says, I do love surprises. :)

Yesterday, I cleaned out and straightened up our master bedroom closet. AND I LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT!!! Monday, I will tackle another one. I'm getting rid of anything I haven't used in 6 months. It's out of here. :) I guess I'm getting a jump start on spring cleaning.

We are looking forward to our favorite TN VOL playing in the Super Bowl!!!! Yes, we are pulling for the Colts. Not sure what we're eating yet....I heard Papa John's was having a good deal, we may do that. I DO know there will be popcorn, because we eat popcorn all the time. :) It's our favorite snack.

You know what? I think I'm still in "list" mode! Goodness...that three hour nap did me in today!

So...I want to know, who's coming to Woodstock in April to hear Beth Moore? I'll be there along with a few of my favorite Siesta's!!! If you're coming, I would love to see you!!!

I've rambled on enough for Saturday evening...time to tuck my girls in and figure out what I'm wearing to church...unless God surprised us and we had 5 inches of the white stuff...don't laugh at me...He can do it if He wants to. :)

Happy Weekend!


Amy Fowler said...

I will be at Beth Moore in April. I can't wait. It will be great!

Amy Fowler

Sheryl said...

I'm trying to see if I can come to see Beth Moore...I'm so close. Please pray God will open a door for me.

I would love to hear about how to save on groceries...please share.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I'm coming in April!! Can't wait to see all these lovely siestas!!

Cindy and I were at the mall shopping on Thursday and as we were finishing lunch, I thought that we should have called you to come have lunch with us. Next time we will.


Patty said...

First, I am going to pray God sends you a BIG snow so you can prepare the food you want to cook and surprise your sweet family with goodies. :) God can do it!! Plus, I am pretty sure God would answer Chole and Emma's prayers! :)

I would love to hear how your friend saves on groceries!

I am SO excited we get to see you before April!! Just 2 weeks. You know Chatt...where can we go to lunch? We can't wait!!!

Love you,

Cheryl said...

I too, want to hear about saving on groceries.
I'll be there in April. So excited!

Alisa said...

Would love to come - but didn't get a ticket in time. :( If you hear of any extra tickets, please let me know. Would love to be there!!

Blessings, Alisa