Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Duty or Delight- Week 2

How I pray this study is moving in your heart and soul! I found that this week, it was hard for me to get my scripture "down pat". :) OR word for I am going to retype it here before we go any further.

Confidence Booster #2 I Am Redeemed!!!!

Power Verse #2 Ephesians 1:7-8 We have redemption in Him through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace that He lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.

Acceptance and Satisfaction. If we are all honest, those two things have been or ARE part of our motivation for life.

We all want to be accepted. To fit in. To feel like we are an important part of something. At the same time, we also want to be satisfied. Satisfied in our relationships, our jobs, our family....our "religion".

Tammie describes acceptance and satisfaction as "Cavernous Hungers" that tug on our human soul. Goodness knows I could share example after example of trying to satisfy those hungers. BUT, I can also look you straight in the eye and say the only way those hungers will ever be satisfied is with THE One and Only...Jesus Christ.

This week we dove into three statements. Eat More Bread, Drink More Blood, and Remember Your Redemption. Each of these sections had WOW moments for me,but Drink More Blood was my standout section.

Revisiting the cost of Jesus sacrifice for MY sin was much needed. I believe that if we are not careful, over time we can become almost numb to the magnitude of His sacrifice. That is a very dangerous place for a Christian to be.

We look back not to glorify past sin or heap guilt upon ourselves..NO. We look back to awaken or stir our hearts to gratitude! Sometimes we need WAKE UP OUR ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!


Because today, yes today...

There is someone who needs to hear that Jesus loves them right where they are. They need to hear that regardless of what they have done or haven't done....

His blood is enough. He died to ATONE...(fancy word for cover, cleanse, reconcile and to FORGIVE) our sin. ALL of it.

EVERY last one. Jesus is enough.

If we have become numb to this in our own life then how in the world can we effectively share the power of the gospel with another? May we never forget.

As I prepared for Tuesday morning's group God gave me a few verses in Psalm 65. This Psalm was part of my daily was "assigned". :) I can not express to you how excited I was to SEE our first two confidence boosters referenced in these verses.

Here is Psalm 65 (ESV)

Praise is due to you,[a] O God, in Zion,
and to you shall vows be performed.
2 O you who hear prayer,
to you shall all flesh come.
3 When iniquities prevail against me,
you atone for our transgressions.
4 Blessed is the one you choose and bring near,
to dwell in your courts!
We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house,
the holiness of your temple!

From verse 4 Blessed is the one you choose...Booster #1 I Am Chosen.
From verse 3 you atone for our transgressions.....Booster #2 I Am Redeemed.

Oh friend, I am praying that today you realize just how precious you are to your Savior. He went to great lengths to Redeem you. You can, as verse 4 says be satisfied with the goodness.....He is enough.

Alright enough of my rambling. I want to hear from you.

First. Which of the three statements meant the most to you and why?

Second. Take some time to watch this video. The lyrics to this song have been on my heart for two weeks. Let's not forget what Jesus did for us.

I pray that this song will move you into a personal time of worship of your Savior.


ocean mommy said...

This comment is from Alisa! She is deep in a move so I'm pasting her comment from an e-mail!

God never fails to amaze me with the "exact" message that my ears and heart need to hear. While working through week 2, again, more spotlights came on. I thought how many times has my memory been short and my heart ungrateful!! Even this past week, in the midst of packing and moving - sometimes I just wanted to "chill out" and find my own satisfaction with whatever I myself desired. I thought to myself "hmmmm, sounds like seeds of the enemy just dieing to take root in my own heart!!" This is something I found myself having to "choose" instead of "going with the flow."