Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Am Chosen....Duty or Delight Week 1

I am so thankful you are joining us! What a week we have had. God is so faithful isn't He?

Click here for this weeks video and then COME BACK...

And share with us your thoughts regarding week one, "I Am Chosen". I am praying for you and look forward to reading how this study is impacting your heart.

This week, would you make some time and pray for the author Tammie Head? Let's thank God for her obedience to write and her willingness to pour out her heart.

I am getting up from here and headed to start week two homework! Let's keep pressing in even when it gets tough.

Hugs and prayers,

(Do you remember the question? Which of the four pitfalls resonated with you and why. Also, did you have a WOW moment? If so, share a little of that!)


ocean mommy said...

I am posting this from an email comment. Thank you sister for your honesty! You are loved.

"chosen. That is not how I view myself at all. Rather a tag along. This week has me facing the fact I have never felt chosen. How tender is that? God loves me. God chose me. I want to believe it. God help me believe it."

Alisa said...

Sister, I so hear your heart on this one. Many times, I have felt the same way. "Tag along." It's as if a million spot lights went off when I was working through these pages. It floors me to even think that I was chosen for His purpose too. Not sure where you've been in your life, but I've been down and under and He was completely relentless about bringing me home. Before the foundations of the world - He chose you. He chose me.. Sister, you are chosen. You are His. Delight in Him and rest in His love. I don't know you, but I already love you in such a special way.

jodi said...

Hi Stephanie! I started Duty or Delight last week with my friend Amy (you might remember her from the study we did a few years the park). I knew you had posted on your blog during the study, so I thought it might be fun to check in. My big WOW moment last week was realizing God chose me even knowing... EVEN I would respond to Him in my life. Rebellious and half hearted at times. Such a disappointment... but not to Him. Incredible.