Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Answers to your questions

This has been a fun post. I’ve enjoyed answering these questions. Thanks for playing along! So here we go…

Fran asked "What is your greatest struggle right now living out your faith in daily living with friends, family, your girls friends, parents, church, etc??"

The biggest struggle for me right now is just what my Pastor preached on Sunday morning, and that is extending grace. I’m a very passionate person and when people I love have been hurt, or a friend is mistreated, or I see fellow believers being “clicky” it makes me furious. God has taught me over the years that it isn’t always best to open my mouth and say something. I’ve learned the hard way that words can be a dangerous weapon. Right now, I’m dealing with a few situations that are really testing me in this area. While I want to make things right, or maybe better said, give them a piece of my mind…..God has not given me the “okay” to speak to these circumstances. So my greatest struggle is keeping my big mouth shut.

Mommy dot com wants to know “How often do you write new music?”

This one is hard to answer because I feel like I’m constantly writing. I’m always looking, listening, jotting down ideas and playing around with different melodies. BUT, I can’t just sit down and say “Now I will write a song.” It usually hits hard and fast and before I know it, God’s given me a new song. The last thing I wrote was in December. I’ve got something brewing, but so far it just hasn’t come together. I’m learning not to push it when I feel like this. If it is what God wants, then He’ll give it to me when He’s good and ready.

BethAnn asked “If you could be any Bible character besides Jesus or Mary, who would you be and why?

I think I would love to be John. I love that passage where He is resting against Jesus. And he was given that sneak peek into Heaven! Then there is that widow in 2 Kings 4. Remember she only had a little bit of oil, her dead husband’s debt and a creditor on his way to take her sons! She begged Elisha for help and he told her to gather as many pots as she could and start filling them up. You know what happened, she filled every pot and then some more! They were able to sell that oil and pay the debt. I would love to be able to step back in time and fill some pots!!!

Carol (my real life friend who will be in the May issue of P31 with her award winning “Jesus at McDonalds” devotion) wants to know what my perfect day would be like, from start to finish.

Well, I would wake up at the beach, walk to the Starbucks and grab a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with whip and a muffin. I would enjoy those goodies on the beach while I spent some uninterrupted time with the Lord. Then, my family and I would spend some serious time in the ocean. Of course, there would be a trusted babysitter to keep the girls while Chad and I enjoy dinner alone. I think it would end making smores around a fire pit. Give me chocolate and the beach and I’m set for eternity……

Leah asked and I quote this one word for word because it just blessed my heart.
“I’m going to ask the question that only another woman may ask…..How old are you? You look about 16 but I feel sure that you are at least 21. Lucky you!!!”

Well Leah, sweetheart when you see me in person you’ll take those words back!!! I am 33.

My sweet Darla wants to know how the hubs and I get time alone, and do we have a date night.

Right now we get very little time alone. The last “date” we had was over Christmas when we were in Chattanooga. My parents pretty much told us to leave the girls and go out. We went to see National Treasure and then I was treated to a Peppermint Mocha. We will get some alone time in the next week or so when the girls go to Gram’s and Daddy Mack’s house for a few days.

Thanks girls for playing along with this! It was a lot of fun.


darla said...

If I lived close to you I would give a night a month to have a date even if it were just a coffee date..love ya, that was fun!

33!! your just a baby :) I can say that because I am 46 YUK! keep the hair color coming baby!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh those answers were fun. I may want to copy you and play this too.

I understand the song thing cuz my writings come that way too. Kind of neat!

Love ya!

Carol said...

This was so fun!! I'll have to try that sometime. Okay and you are cracking me up with the "let's give a round of applause for..." introduction of me. Thanks for that by the way. I love you, girl!!

Fran said...

We were separated at birth!! But, wait!!! I'm 38! That won't work then huh???

And the answer to my own question....is my very same struggle. Its so hard isn't it?
I loved what you said about He hasn't told you to speak over that situation. Oh, how I need to ask Him that question more often.

Love you sweet Siesta!

darla said...

checking on you! sending up prayers for you and your family, love you princess!