Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy anniversary G & Z

Before you watch this, YES we know how southern we sound.

It takes skill to blow kisses on beat. In fact, in some parts of the south that would be found worthy enough to be included in the talent portion of the local beauty pageant!!

Granddaddy & Zuzu,

Happy 10th anniversary. Hope you eat someplace fabulous tonight! Have a big old piece of cake for us!


Miss P said...

That was so much fun.

It was so funny when hoo said amma.


Carol said...

Alan and I both enjoyed that one! They are SOOOO cute!! And I'm loving that their favorite love song is Rocky Top. GO BIG ORANGE!

jennyhope said...

That is the most precious video ever. you are so blessed and that made my night! I also LOVE that picture of the girls below and I hope you are feeling better!

BethAnne said...

Rocky Top? People after my own heart!!!! I have a tear in my eye!

Your girls are absolutely precious.

Amy Wyatt said...

Mary Lyndsey and I enjoyed this one together. Too cute!

Cheri said...

That put a big smile on my face and I have never met you all! Thanks, Cheri :)

Heather C said...

How precious is that??? OMW! I love it!

God bless!


NYC said...

Awww shucks, I am at work and cannot view the vide (it wont come up on the screen). I can't wait to get home to view it.

I wanted to thank you so much for your prayer! It is much appreciated and needed :)

Fran said...

I think I have found me 2 new best friends!!!! I mean....really Stephanie....that was the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen. You tell those darling girls that they have new friend in West TN that thinks they hung the moon! :)

And, Happy Anniversary to the wonderful couple who hasn't changed a bit!!


Patty said...

Oh my goodness!!! Stephanie, you know I loved this!!! GO BIG ORANGE!!!! Let me tell you something funny, I always said that if I had the chance to remarry that my bridesmaids would wear orange and carry pom poms as they walked the isle and God bless him my groom would have to be in orange and white and the music that would be playing as I walked the isle, Rocky Top. LOL!!! Now, decide if I am kidding or not. LOL!!! Your girls are too cute and Happy Anniversary Granddaddy and Zuzu!!! Tell your girls I was singing with them and I raised my hands at the same time they did and I feel compelled to buy them something orange and white.

Earen said...

OH my goodness, that was just the sweetest thing ever!! What a treasure for G & Z!

Carol said...

I'm sorry but I have to come and watch that at least once a day. It is just so cute!!

Kristin said...

That was too cute! Lexi and I watched together. What sweet girls you have!

Heather said...

Precious!!! And yes, that is definitely pageant material! Although I'm a Mississippi girl now, Rocky Top will always be home sweet home to me, too!!!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

How adorable!!!
I miss them girl! My girls loved to see them.
Much love,

Happy Anniversary to your family!

Leah said...

I am hooting!! That was sooooo cute. Rocky Top--what a love song!! Those girls have a future in performance, I do believe.

Hope you have a blessed day!!