Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Man in One Word


Yes, that word pretty much sums up Chad. He has overcome so much and looking at his life, sometimes I just shake my head and thank God he turned out the way he did.

Over the last few months I have dreaded July 11. For one reason...I did not know what in the world he would find to do. You see when he turned 30, he used it as a reason to go skydiving. We made my parents and his dad and stepmom go with us. I wanted to be sure that I would have someone to drive me home if the unthinkable happened, I am not kidding. I was sick the entire morning, but it was worth it because he had a blast.

Yesterday he turned 35. I wasn't exactly sure what adventure he would come up with this time! Thanks to last summer's broken shoulder I knew that it would not involve skydiving! Could that have been a blessing in disguise? :)

Chad woke up early and ran 13.1 miles. The distance of a 1/2 marathon. THEN he biked 56 miles. Yes you read that correctly 56 miles. Needless to say he took the LONG way to the office and the EXTRA long way home.

He came home exhausted, but grinning ear to ear. "I completed 1/2 of an iron man today!" he told me. I was so proud of him.

We enjoyed a long dinner and then sat by the pool while the girls swam. Then it was off to bed for everyone. Chad and Chloe needed their rest for their karate test.

This morning they both woke early ate breakfast and then proceeded to stretch and go over a few of the punches, kicks and various other moves I can't begin to describe here. Emma and I grabbed the camera, their mouth pieces and water bottles and out the door we ran.

I asked Chad if he was going to have the physical stamina to complete this test! There are very few down times and let's face it...we aren't as young as we used to be! JUST KIDDING!!!

He assured me his legs were fine and that he really wasn't that sore. So I just prayed..."God, let him make it through the test, help him to do his best."

We arrived at church a few minutes early to sign he and Chloe in, and get settled in the testing room. It was a small test group and I noticed that the adult students were gathering and whispering nervously. Then I realized why. The panel consisted of 2 Masters. VERY high ranking, martial arts experts. NONE of the students testing have been in class with them very much and have NEVER been tested by them.

Emma and I watched Chloe and Chad give 110% for almost 2 straight hours. They did their best. The judging panel left the room to tally the scores and everyone testing finally relaxed a little bit.

A few minutes later they returned to award high test score in the juniors and Chloe once again took it home. This makes the fourth test, fourth high test score, she was just as shocked this time as she was the first time.

Then Master Cann(sp?) said that we had a first at our school. For the first time we had a FATHER and a daughter take home high test scores. It took a minute to realize what they were saying...then it hit us all...CHAD got high test score among the adults.

I was crying and quickly turned on the camera and took a blurry picture! What a birthday he had! 1/2 of an iron man, high test score in karate shared with your oldest daughter! I was a weepy mess....I know those tough karate Masters thought I was nuts.

Chad will tell you that he was really shocked. He took a pretty good fall doing one of the spinning back kicks, BUT he got up and nailed it.

Perseverance...the man has it.

He sparred his buddy Tom and they knocked each other silly. But they kept going...despite their aches and stumbles.


I have never respected him more than I did this afternoon when I saw him push through pain, and fatigue to give his best.

Way to go Chadwick, I'm so proud to call you mine. :)


Leah said...

Congratulations to your two karate champs!!


Chadwick said...

You're pretty cool too. Your spaghetti last night and that cheesecake dessert sent straight from heaven helped tremendously. I might have to go get some more right now.

I love you.

Carol said...

Awww. Now I'm crying. That is so awesome! I'm proud of them both.

Christina said...

Congratulations to your two champs. It's obvious that your hubby worked hard for this and deserves it and your daughter takes after him. How awesome to have such a cool father daughter moment. Good thing you had your camera.

Fran said...

You know that I feel as if I "know" you so my heart is literally jump and down right now!!!

I'm so happy for them both Steph!
Truly am.

Perseverance is a pretty cool thing to possess. I need me some.

Thanks for sharing the day with us.