Thursday, October 2, 2008

Check this Siesta Out

I was so blessed to worship beside Cheryl (Profbaugh) in San Antonio. She has such a heart and passion for our Savior.

Recently she and a friend went to see "Fireproof". This movie made quite an impact on her. Cheryl has bought the book referenced in the movie and is posting a challenge a day. Today is the second day and let me tell you....I like what I'm reading.

So I challenge you to go check the Prof out here and invest a little into your marriage.

If you've seen the movie tell me what you think!! Chad and I have date night planned to see this. (Well, we do as soon as our sitter recovers from having her wisdom teeth out!)


Anonymous said...

Me and Tim LOVED the movie. DBBC got a whole theater Friday night and we went then. It was great and now we are going to do the Fireproof Bible study.


Tamara said...

We LOVED the movie. Great date movie. I wrote about it on my blog...but I purposefully didn't write about how it was GOD who turned the marriage around, because I didn't want to give anyone an excuse not to see it. Besides, I think the movie script is so masterful, I didn't want to weaken it with my humble writings! But yes, y'all should definetly go see it!

BethAnne said...

The movie is AWESOME! And one of our favorite evangelist friends, Bill Stafford, is in it - he plays the next door neighbor. You WILL NOT be dissapointed - I would love to see it again!!!!

jodi said...

I loved Facing the Giants and have been anticipating seeing this one too. I am hoping to get away with hubby this weekend to see it.

Reminder to self: do NOT wear mascara!!!

Darlene R. said...

We have plans to go see it, but it's not playing here yet. I can't wait!!