Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So...What Have You Done this Week?

I feel like I have been absent from blogville for a week. This house has had a sick mommy and we are just now recovering. Our kitchen counter looked like the CVS for a few days! I don't even remember Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Fortunately, whatever this is seems to be getting better and we are getting back on our normal household schedule.

Monday night we had quite a treat. Chad and I decided to surprise the girls with a mystery dinner guest. We told them Monday morning that we had dinner plans and that they needed to be dressed and ready to leave the house at 5:30. Understand..we don't do anything on Monday evenings, and with me not feeling great, they were completely shocked. All day long they tried to figure this mystery date out.

Chad's youngest cousin E. was in town for a conference so we met her for dinner. Emma was her flower girl last year and we haven't seen her since the wedding. It was great to visit with her. The girls were very surprised and talked our ears off the entire way home. They LOVED seeing her again and are making plans. It seems that Emma wants to go cook veggies with E. the next time we are in Chattanooga.

Tuesday night was belt night at karate class. Emma received her green belt and Daddy and Chloe got their green stripe. After belt ceremony, the girls suited up for some sparring. Do you know how hard it is to watch your girls dressed to fight? It's hard I tell you!!

We have had a great week despite being sick. I have been clinging to verses like crazy...I think at one point I prayed "Oh the lifter of my head and lift me off of this bed, my family needs to eat!" He didn't do it. He had my man in that kitchen handling things. I realized just how blessed I am to have a husband who is willing to step in and do a load of laundry, cook a meal and even attempt to do our daughter's hair on top of his work schedule. (Which has been crazy lately thank you Jesus!)

Enough rambling for one night. I'm off to drink some hot tea and maybe have one of the brownies the man made last night.


Anonymous said...

So glad that y'all are on the road to recovery! I have missed reading your blogs the past few days! Can't wait to see you all in about a week and a half! I'll e-mail you when I know that specifics. We're still not sure is Tim is needed for the evening service at Ron's church.


The Stokes Family said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! I was sick on Sat-Mon as well, but it doesn't sound as bad as yours--I was still able to host Anna Beth's party, thankfully, I don't know that Kip could have dealt with 16 girls on his own, lol! Your girls look SO CUTE in this picture, love their coordinating outfits!

Leah said...

So glad you are feeling better. Sounds like whatever you had was pretty nasty. There are lots of creepy crawly things going around. Thus far I have avoided them!! Praise Jesus.

Have a great weekend!


BethAnne said...

Love the girls in those helmet things --- too cute....
Your man makes brownies? Huh?

Glad you are feeling better - stinks to be sick!

Amy Wyatt said...

Praying you are feeling better!

Heather said...

I know how that is and it is tough for mommy to be sick! Hope you are feeling LOTS better!

Fran said...

Hang in there kiddo. What a great surprise for the girls though. Too cute. :)

Have a good end of the week.
Glad you are on the mend. Its a complete drag to be out of commission.

Big hugs,

connorcolesmom said...

I am so gald you are feeling better
There is nothin worse than a sick mommy :(

Your girls are darling!
I am so glad I got to meet them in person - absolutely precious!
Love ya

Bev Brandon said...

How cute are they??? Like
A D O R A B L E !!!!!!!!!!!
Just prayed for you Matt 11:28...
it's CVS over here too...i have strept throat. Praying for you!