Friday, October 3, 2008

I Love Friday

I LOVE Friday. Always have. Friday mornings around here usually come with an atmosphere of excitement. Today was no exception.

It's a cool fall morning. Not a cloud in the sky and we are very excited about that. Tonight we head up to an observatory for our Friday family night activity.

The girls can hardly wait, in fact they are upstairs right now picking up their rooms and then they are voluntarily taking a nap. "So they'll be rested for the show."

We have an uneventful Saturday and normal Sunday routine. I'm pretty excited to worship at the piano on Sunday morning. We have a special guest at church Sunday and I'm a little nervous about that, but I have my "nerve" verse on my pink 3x5 card and it will travel to the piano with me.

I'm working on a post to share what God has been saying to our family this week. He has blown my mind. From last Sunday on, he has woven a theme into our family devotion, Sunday school get the idea. Everywhere we turn we get the same message.

Okay, I've stalled long enough. It's time to get up and go clean the bathrooms. They are always the last on my Friday cleaning list. Once that is done...I'm done with my housecleaning for the weekend!!

Happy Friday. :)


Patty said...

I can hear the excitement in your voice and I have it to as I love Friday right along with you.

It is so pretty here and I LOVE the cooler temps. We must be enhoying the same weather. :)

Have fun tonight. We don't have anything special planned but I am wanting to go and buy some pumpkins and I am on the way out to buy new curtains for the living room.

Love you,

Darlene R. said...

Hey there, girl! I love Friday right along with you!

I don't love to clean the bathroom though!

Hope the rest of your Friday goes well. Enjoy the observatory!

Love and hygs,

BethAnne said...

Funny how God works when He wants to tell you something important --- seems like He tells you through every word you read and every person you come into contact with.....

Anonymous said...

You and your family are so organized! How do you do it??

I hope that you all are having a wonderful night! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!


Profbaugh said...

Hum. . I don't know why I didn't realize you played the piano, especially with your header on the blog!! We have an awful lot in common. I fill in our our praise team on piano, too. For the past 10 years I've been a vocalist on the praise team, however at our new-start church, I've taken a break and now just serve (fill in) when needed. I don't know why but I always get more nervous in the piano than on vocals. Go figure. Keep your card with you. I'll be thinking about you and praying fro you on Sunday morning.

Much love,

Fran said...

I love Friday too! Maybe its the next best day besides Sunday!!!
Have a wonderful day in church. I'm happy to be home. :)

Thanks so much for praying for me and my trip and my family!

You are precious to me!

Heather said...

I just love you, Steph. Love your love for the Savior, love for your husband and your girls...and love for life!
Hope your piano worship offering went great today....I know it did!
Hope you have a great week this week!