Monday, October 19, 2009

Anybody Want to Join Me?

This Sunday night (Oct. 25)

First Baptist Woodstock here in the ATL

Chynna and Vaughan will be in concert.

I'm going and would love to meet you there. If you're interested leave me a comment and/or e-mail me. I would love to see you there!!!! (OH's a free concert!)


Leah said...

I wish I could but we are doing Judgement House at our church and I'm part of the counseling team. Please let us know how it is!!


Cheryl said...

Wish I could too!
Are you going to the Beth Moore event in April at FBCW?
I've already got my ticket.

Sheryl said...

What time? I'll see if I can come. I'll let you know.

Still Learning said...

Hi Stephanie,

I want to go. From the way you have written about them, they sound amazing. It's so close to me too. A big bonus, I actually used to attend there when I first moved up to GA. I need to see what time though, I guess they will have a website with info? I'll check. I would love to meet you!! Although you were like a mentor to me for so long, I might gush a little when I do meet you so please forgive me in advance.