Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have you seen these?

Last weekend when my parents were here, mom and I made our usual trip around the corner to a little coffee/gift shop. They were having quite the sale.

They had all these scriptures on their mantels and I fell in love with the way it looked. So I picked one up. Here is what ours says.

It wasn't THAT hard to apply it, and if I ever did it again, I think I learned a few tricks. I messed up the "u" in the word but, but I'm adopting what the Nester always says. "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." So I left it. I kind of like the imperfection of it.

However, something has been bugging me ALL WEEK LONG. The reference. You can sort of see it above. What it says is John 3:18.

Something about it just didn't seem right. Thursday the girls and I decided to look it up. When we did we laughed out loud.

The verse on the mantel is not John 3:18.

It's I John 3:18.

So here is my dilema. Do I leave it alone and see how many people "catch" it. OR, do I just take a sharpie and put a I in front of it?

What do you think?


Heather said...

Oh, that is so funny. I would be tempted to leave it, but I wouldn't want it to always bother me. I LOVE this idea, though! It looks amazing!

Cheryl said...

I love those too!! I've always wanted to have scripture displayed in each room of the house, like a literal display of Deut. 6:9

I think I would fix it somehow, it would just bug me too much to leave it!

Leah said...

Hmm, not sure. Can you get a "1" from the shop you bought it from? If not, I think I wouldn't risk changing it.

It is beautiful!!


Still Learning said...

Hi Stephanie, I am with Leah on this one. If I could not get the exact same material & the same size as what you purchased then I would either leave it alone or take it down if it bothered me that much. Most people would never notice.

You could always call the company & tell them of the error and ask them if they will send you a 1. You never know.....

I love it though, it looks beautiful on the mantle. I would not have thought of putting it there. What a great idea!


Shelly said...

Oh no! Funny!
Hmm....I'm too OCD tempted to try and fix it myself, b/c I know it would be disastrous. So I would either go back and see if they have a '1' or let it be. But if you can rock such artistic abilities, then go for it!

It is beautiful

Dionna said...

I would just leave it. You can explain verbally if you need to. It's the wording that matters the most - not where it's found.

jodi said...

I love the way that looks! Beautiful!!! With or without the 1.