Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Giddy

Just plain ole' giddy.

It looks like my parents are coming in tonight!!! We saw them in August, but they have not been down for a visit since MARCH!!!!

I'm really giddy because my girls don't think they are coming. (A health concern w/ one of my grandparents looked like it would keep them from coming.) Chloe and Emma will be ecstatic about this. I told them this morning we would take a drive up into the mountains to see fall colors and get pumpkins this weekend, but they told me we could do that WITH the grandparents and it would be SO much more fun. Well, okay then.

SO, this weekend will be full of coffee, Wii tournaments, popcorn, and movies in your pj's.

And maybe a football game or two, or three

And of course, a trip to the Starbucks because I just learned from Boomama that Starbucks has a Raspberry Mocha. DID YOU KNOW THIS? I did not. I have a feeling this little drink is going to rock my world.

I hope whatever your weekend plans are that you are able to enjoy your family, your home and the beautiful fall colors! (and as long as your team isn't playing my team, I hope your team wins!)


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Have a WONDERUFUL time.....

So happy for you...

jenmom said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! My little peeps are missing grandparents! Mike's parents have not even met JennaBeth yet :(
Me and the hubby are going out tomorrow night, so maybe I can convince him to make a trip by Starbucks. It will be hard to decide between the Raspberry Mocha or the Caramel Apple Spice!
Have a great and blessed weekend!

Patty said...

Sounds like so much fun! I am sure our team will win. LOL This will be a game to beat all games if my VOLS that beat Georgia shows up. lol

Have fun getting pumpkins and enjoying Fall and your new drink.
Love you!

Heather said...

I am giddy for you!!! LOVE IT when my parents come....and when they get to come for pumpkins, or something else fun like that--even better! Have a GREAT weekend!

Lora said...

Have a wonderful visit with your parents!