Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Blessing of Missing the Siesta Scripture Memory Celebration

Last year when Siesta Momma announced that we were going to celebrate a year of hiding God's word in our hearts, I asked Chad what he thought. He, as usual, said go and enjoy your girlfriends. So I planned. For months I planned on being in Houston Jan. 21-22 for this party that would be like none other. :)

I think it was in late November early December, the women's retreat ministry team that I'm part of (Freedom's Call) started planning our yearly kick off weekend in Charlotte. A weekend that I love. We just spend a weekend praying, talking about what God is doing in our lives and then our leader shares what God has placed on her heart for this ministry He has entrusted to us. The one weekend that worked for the majority of the group was the weekend of our Siesta Scripture Celebration.

I cancelled my plans. It was bittersweet. I would be spending the weekend with my girlfriends and ministry partners, but I would also be missing a very special weekend with my girlfriends. I walked around in a funk for several days and had to KEEP confessing my stinky attitude about it all.

As the New Year began, the plan to go to Charlotte for our meeting was changed. The team would meet here in my home. I was thrilled that my husband offered to take our girls AND our dog child Paddington, to my parent's for the weekend. It all worked out well, since my sister and nephew would also be at my parent's to celebrate our nephew's birthday.

Last week, as so many of you were beginning to post about getting ready for the Houston weekend, I was getting ready to host some sweet sweet friends. I was still longing to be in Houston, but okay with being here. Thursday morning, I took Chloe to her Thursday classes, came home with Emma and we dove into our schoolwork. She was going to help me do the last minute dusting and mopping. (In exchange for a Sonic peach tea!)

I was still making out my to do list and Emma was deep in her math work when I got an e-mail from our leader. She was sick and not sure she was going to be able to come. Long story short....two of us were VERY sick. Our weekend was cancelled early Thursday evening.

For about an hour, I was ready to start shooting e-mails to see if I could still get to Houston. I was pretty sure I could get an airline ticket last minute, but hotel was another story. :) I sure was scheming. Chad's comment to me was, "Well, you can go to Chattanooga now and celebrate Colin's b'day." Guess Houston was out of the question.

Chattanooga was exactly where I was supposed to be last weekend. I had a late night talk with my baby sister. We don't get alone time much so to have those hours together to talk was priceless. THAT was a gift from God. I wouldn't have traded that time for anything.

AND, we celebrated a precious little boy who turned six earlier this month!!!!

I had a life lesson this weekend. This OCD planner learned that:

I can have plan A, B and even C, but sometimes God will make each one of those plans fall apart in order to put me in the place HE wants me to be. Makes me think of this verse..

Proverbs 16:9 "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."


Jesusistheparty! said...

I loooove this story. Right place, right time for sure!! Way to confess the whine!! I also have a sister who is in serious bondage. I actually got to go to Houston for the SMT Celebration and had a complete blast with God and friends. But I am desperately waiting for my sister to say the words yours did and would do anything to hear it!!! I'm still in the waiting phase though. I will be facilitating Breaking Free (New Edition) beginning Feb. 2nd at my church. I will pray for your sis to cling to God as I remember my own. Love, joy and peace, Dana

Sheryl said...

Loved your story. What a great witness you are to me in your walk with the LORD.

Thanks for sharing your life.


Marcy said...

Hi Stephanie,
I'm so glad I found your blog and I've loved catching up with you and what is going on with you these days. God is using you in a mighty way. I love that we love so many of the same things, and similar paths even though I haven't seen you in over 10 years. I'm a Siesta too and would have loved to have been in Houston but wasn't able either. Also a homeschooling mama. Thanks for letting me eavesdrop on your life via your blog.
Marcy Wilson Bryant

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, this so describes my life!! LOL! I continually walk around with an eraser b/c HE has been so determined to show me that HE runs things. I DON'T!! :o) Love this story! Thank you so much for sharing!! Love and blessings sweet one, Alisa

Lora said...

Dearest Stephanie,

The verse, the heartfelt story...oh my, it amazes me, how no matter what our plans, He gets the glory!

I love you dear. Was so blessed to meet you at the Siesta Fiesta and still remember how I'd felt like a stalker to your blog because I didn't know you in person!

Blessings dear one as you continue on your amazing journey with God.

Love and hugs to you,

Lora said...

Oh, and I so forgot to say YES to getting together - I would LOVE to see you again! YES YES YES!

Mariel said...

how very true! I missed the siesta celebration too...knew I would, but am VERY thankful for the verses I hid in my heart last year with the siesta memory group!!