Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving Furniture and Waiting on the Snow

Thursday, we spent the day watching the sky and waiting for the snow to arrive. I'm very surprised that Chloe can't tell you the exact minute she saw the first flake. She and Emma sat by the living room window ALL DAY.

Well...most of the day. They played Wii and helped me with a project;)

Since I got called out on the LPM blog for moving my furniture around monthly...I'm going to show you what we did.

You'll see that I didn't do a major change. (I did that in October but had to adjust for the Christmas tree.)

Here is our family room before I started playing.

The mantle. You can go here to read about the scripture.

I have had the same two lamps and picture up there for 3 years. I love having the lamps there, but was "over" how square it looked.

This is in our living room, but in this corner that I am always confused as to what to do with it. I LOVE this chair. One day it will have a post to itself. A LOT of hand sewing went into this chair and it is very special to our family.

I took these pictures from the girl's loft so you can see the little space I have to work with. :) Okay...the sofa has been in just about every spot for a little while. For a long time it sat it right in front of the window. Then I moved it to where the two wing back chairs are and the chairs sat in front of the window...seriously, each piece has been moved no less than 48 times. I am not kidding.

Our Christmas tree sat in front of the big window so the sofa is sitting in it's "Christmas" spot.

Now for the after:

First, I moved the little leather chair and ottoman closer to the fireplace. Then, I moved the sofa on a bit of an angle. This was part of my big change in October. I normally have sofa table behind it, but I moved it into the dining room over Christmas and I love it there. I'll show you in a minute what I did in there.

I also moved our end tables around. THAT made a huge difference.


I swapped the table and chair. Yes, I know that table is too small for that lamp, but it's what I have right now so it will stay. (I'll probably move more tables around today and try something else over there just to see.) I added a silk quilt to the red velvet chair. My grandmother made this quilt for Chad. It's mostly his dad's and some of my grandfather's old ties. The space between the two photos is where our new family photo will go.

The Mantle area:

Excuse my off-centered photo taking ability!

My little leather chair. My favorite spot to read. I had moved both the lamps off of the mantle, but after I decided to leave my chair here, I knew I needed a lamp up there. I shopped the house for something to use as a side table. It couldn't be huge since the door to our bedroom is just behind the fireplace wall. I found this hamper which holds some of the games we play. doubles as a side table and storage.

Remember that sofa table that is no longer behind my sofa? Here it is as a sidetable in my dining room.

I moved it in there at Christmas to hold the tree with some of our special ornaments and LOVED having it in there.

The former mantle lamp is now warming up that corner. But the wall seemed a little empty so I shopped the house again. I had this group of red toile plates in our guest bathroom and decided they needed a new home. (Have I told you how much I love toile? It really is bordering a stronghold.)

These pictures don't do the paint color justice, it is much warmer and softer in person... AND the lamp gives it a whole new look.

Now that I have decided to keep that lamp, I've got to work on the wire. I'll twist tie and hide that baby as soon as this is posted.

That is my mom's wedding china on my table. She divided it in half for my sister and I and gave it to us over Christmas. LOVE it.

Well that's my FREE family room makeover. The only thing I have left to do is purchase window treatments. Seriously, we have been here almost four years and I still haven't done that. Here is what I'm saving my money for.

It's Friday and that means L.A.U.N.D.R.Y. I need to get moving on that before it breeds. I just may throw my footie pj's in the dryer to warm them up! It's so cold! (and I love it!)

Happy Weekend!


Leah said...

I would love to move some furniture around but haven't the decorating ability so it just stays put.

Glad you got over to leave your verse for Challenge 2010. Take care.


Patty said...

SO pretty!!! This makes me miss you even more!! Your home is beautiful and so are you!!

I love the sofa table in the dining room. Good idea!!

Love you,

Sheryl said...

Our room is so small and our furniture is so big. I think it can only go one way. Oh well.

Love how creative you are.


Faith Imagined said...

Wow how beautiful! It makes me want to jump in, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with you!!!

Ginger said...

Pretty! My sister is the ultimate mover; every time I visit her, her furniture is different. Me, not so much; our floor plan is a tad inflexible, but I mix up accessories a lot.