Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fun Photos

Okay. With all the "serious" stuff going on right now, I needed to post some fun pictures. These are a few of my favorites from Christmas and New Years.

This is a picture Chad took of my mom trying to get a good picture of the 5 grandchildren in their Christmas PJ's. It's very blurry, but that is little nephew's face says it all. I can just hear him saying "CRAZZZZZZY". I love that child. These 5 act more like brother/sisters than cousins. They are pretty crazy about each other and if they had it their way, we would all live at Gram's and Daddy Mack's house.

Christmas Eve before dinner. After dinner the girls put on their pj's and we drove around and looked at lights. Paddington came along too.

This was New Years Day brunch. Proof that I can function on less than 3 hours sleep. Chad was bored so he started taking pictures. This is me and Chad's step-mother in the background.

Chad's dad and brother in law. I said on Facebook they were probably discussing brother in law's twitter comments from the VA Tech/UT game the evening before. With Chad's visit to the ER on New Years Eve, his dad and step mom sent Chad's sister and her husband on and stayed behind to watch the kids. We didn't get home from the hospital until right before kick off. (And that was only because our nurse was also a UT fan and I mentioned that we needed to get home in time for kick off. She completely understood.)

Please excuse the mess that is my desk.... Thank you.

Last but not least. My man.

Do you see what I'm dealing with? :)

He had Chloe change all his Mii settings to "left hand" and has been playing Wii Sports Resort basketball. Truth be told, he's unbeatable. It's sad to hear him say, "I can beat you with one arm in a sling." I am so NOT athletic.

With all the decorations down and put away, I've been cleaning and contemplating moving some furniture around. ESPECIALLY after reading the LPM blog last night. :)

So....who knows, I may post some family room re-do pictures later today.

Happy New Year!!



jenmom said...

I love the picture of Chad with the Wii!!! And I love your "short" hair! It looks really good on you!
Praying for complete recovery for your man!
You wouldn't waist a prayer on my sweet 12 year old Cecily! She had a check up with the pedi yesterday and he observed the beginnings of Scoliosis in her. He'll check her again in a few months and based on that exam will decide what needs to be done!
Love ya!

Leah said...

when you are through rearranging at your house, come to mine. I am decorating challenged.


Heather C said...

Thanks for the snapshots into your life! I've missed you during my blogging hiatus. :)