Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The End of a Study

I am a bit sad this week. It's the last week of "Ruth. Loss, Love and Legacy" and I just don't want it to end! The ladies in our Connect group have been so faithful and it has been such a sweet time for us, that I don't want it to end. We have all experienced some pretty incredible moments with the Lord during this.

In some ways, I'm not sure how I'm going to function without Ruth. (I tend to feel this way at the end of any study.) But it's time. She and I have been together since Thanksgiving. I did the study on my own and then in January three of us met and decided this was the study God had for our Connect ladies to do.

I'm honored to lead this last week and have been asking God what He wanted Thursday night to look like. Last week in the midst of preparing for Saturday's conference and the worship time for the Connect the Dots party on Saturday night, I kept thinking about the word "acrostic". I had no idea why I couldn't get it out of my mind and honestly, I was so focused on Saturday that I didn't even think it was about this week's Ruth study. (I'm just slow sometimes people!)

Saturday when Beth started building that acrostic with the word Secure, I felt a tug. God wanted us to build an acrostic Thursday evening with the word Legacy. Yikes. Can't we just do the discussion questions? Can't we just share what we will take from this study? An acrostic? REALLY God? Me?

This morning my sick Emma slept until 10:00 and Chloe was studying for next week's final exams. I had three hours of quiet and let me tell you.

God gave me the acrostic. All five sayings, points...whatever you want to call them. It was incredible. It was proof that when He calls you to do something He equips you with exactly what you need. We only have to say yes. Thank you Jesus!!! Isn't He the coolest thing ever?

Like I said earlier, I have a sick child and it's medicine time again. So I'm off to distribute the drugs to stop the coughing!!!

Check out how I came home last night....

You can call me Tinker Bell, Emma did!


jenmom said...

Hope your study Thursday night is a blessed time and please consider sharing that acrostic with us! I am leading a study of John Piper's "A Sweet and Bitter Providence" which is his latest book that covers the biblical book of Ruth!
BTW, LOVE your hair do!!!!!!

Sheryl said...

I have to tell you, I love your hair.

What Ruth study did you do?


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Love the cut! I'm getting my cut off on Monday and cannot wait. You are too adorable.

You know that LEGACY is what my Bible study is all about. The legacy that we, as Christian women, are leaving for the generations that come behind us!! My Tuesday small group is doing it right now. Talk about nerve wracking. They are being very kind in their critique of my writing.

Love ya,


Patty said...

I love your hair! I love this post and I am praying Emma gets well soon!!
Love you,

Still Learning said...

You look beautiful!! Love it.


a cup bearer said...

I'm finishing up my study on Paul tomorrow night, too. Always a bittersweet moment. I'm with jenmom: don't forget to share your acrostic with your siestas.

Btw, I have an appointment in the a.m. to have my locks cut, too. It's always such an anticipated event. My theory is, however, that whatever happens, it will always grow back.

Jennifer said...

I'm on Week 4 of the Ruth study! Please do share the acrostic with us!!!

GratefulinGA said...

darlin hair - you and my mary martin could stand in for Tink any time :)