Saturday, May 1, 2010

Looking for Quilts

I intended to post my acrostic from Thursday night, but we have made a quick trip "home" to help my parents with my grandparents. As only children, all the care giving falls to my parents and they are willing, happy and honored to take care of my grandparents. BUT, they are tired. My 92 year old grandmother has been in the hospital for over a week and my dad has been living at the hospital with her. (On top of preparing for his Sunday sermon and running the family business.)

I was thrilled to have a "sleepover" with my grandmother last night. We snacked on ice chips and she had me looking all over that room for her quilts. Apparently, someone (who she may have referred to as a "tramp") came in and TOOK HER QUILTS. Goodness, I felt bad for playing along, but it seemed to help calm her down. After about 15 minutes I convinced her that I would talk to those in charge and find the someone who took them. Then I told her it was very late and we needed to say prayers.

Ya'll, I could tell she was working herself up because my dad wasn't there. I may have prayed a little longer than I normally would have, but I knew if I was praying she would be still and quiet. So we prayed. And she fell asleep. AND SLEPT for two hours!

I say all that to say, thank you for your prayers and for concern. I will post my notes on Monday once we are home and the girls are busy with their schoolwork. Unless, I'm still looking for the someone who TOOK HER QUILTS!!!

Have a great Sunday!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Bless her heart!! I'd be looking for my quilts too. How precious you are to serve your grandmother and your dad.

Have a safe trip back home.