Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iced In and Thankful

Thinking this afternoon about so much, but I wanted to document some of the things I'm thankful for right now.

I'm so thankful for three days (so far) of being snowed/iced in!

I'm thankful that the snow was enough to really shut down our city.

I'm thankful that my husband can still work insurance from home. (He was smart and forwarded the office calls to his cell phone on Sunday afternoon.) AND, we can work AdvoCare anywhere/anytime. That is a blessing.

I'm thankful that Chad had already "detoxed" from soda BEFORE the snow came. (Or I would not be thankful he was at home all week!)

I'm thankful that the four people that live in this house not only love each other, but we actually like each other.

I'm thankful that God has kept our power on and our house warm.

I'm thankful today for the ability to hug my children and husband. To speak to them and to hear their voice.

I'm thankful for that clean spot in my laundry room that in an hour or so will hold wet clothes and shoes. (From the sledding and snowball fights taking place in our yard right now.)

I'm thankful that this morning, God woke me up earlier than normal to turn on the fireplace, have coffee, read His word and pray for Joanne.

I'm thankful that He is still her healer. We are praying and believing that He will wake her up.

I'm thankful to see how many people have come together to pray for her and her family. Amazing. How beautiful the body of Christ is.


Being confined to home isn't a bad thing. I really have enjoyed the somewhat simpler and slower pace this week has brought.

Hmmm....maybe God is trying to teach us all something.


Cindy said...

Beautiful post Stephanie. And I think you're right, perhaps God is trying to tell us all to be still and know.


Anonymous said...

This was such a blessing to read, Stephanie! I just want you to know that I highly esteem your sweet heart for Him!!

I picked Psalm 90:12 for my first SSMT verse - "So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom." I had NO IDEA that Joanne would be the one to teach me the real meaning of that scripture.

Oh how He loves us so....

Love you,