Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have a word that is on my heart so much right now. It goes along with my theme verse for the year.


Pondering just how blessed we are. Our families, our communities and our country. We really have it good don't we! But at the same time, I'm pondering how crazy we have allowed our lives to become. What are we chasing after?

Spending almost three of the last four weeks confined to our home, I've had some much needed time to just sit and ponder whatever it is God puts on my heart that day. I have loved it.

It's the slower pace and the simpler days that have me thinking. Perhaps God is calling us, all of us, to slow down. To stop filling each empty spot on our calenders with activity.

For me, it started the weekend before Christmas when the girls were sick. All my plans changed. While I was praying for healing and health for my girls, (and that God would protect Chad and I from coming down with the nasty stuff!) I was thankful for the unplanned clearing of our schedule. What a gift.

Now, this week. This crazy, unbelievable week of snow and ice! I really did pay attention to our weatherman last week. We, or I, made storm preparations like never before. I stocked the pantry, had snacks and two sets of meals planned. (One in case we lost power!) I was NOT going to be caught off guard. :) Momma doesn't do cold or hungry well.

My family and my home was ready. I had done everything I could to prepare. We waited. And then it happened. The most beautiful snowfall. Monday morning was nothing but a display of God's handiwork. It was stunning.

Honestly, I feel like God has given me another gift. Another week of pondering His goodness. Seeing His creative hand in the beauty of the snow and ice.

Pondering how simple life has felt having our family together, neighbors out checking on each other, and the laughter of all our kids. Heaven.

Pondering how busy we all are with "life" and wondering why are so intent on filling up all those blank spaces on our daytimers.

I have a strong feeling that the Christmas snow, the snow this week, and other things we would consider interruptions to our life, may be God's way of saying "Hello. SLOW DOWN!"

Maybe He's forcing us to take a good look at our homes, our families. Our hearts.


Cheryl said...

So true!
We so enjoyed our time of being iced in, even though we were w/out power for abt a 24 hr. period. It was a precious time and I'm thankful for it!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...


So often I think, "if only I could figure out a way to slow life down". Sometimes God figures it out for us. My problem is that when it does slow down, I don't. I'm so guilty of finding things to keep me busy. I need to learn to just 'be'; to just sit and relax a bit.

Thoughtful, beautiful post.