Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Nights

It's the first Friday night of pool season in our neighborhood. The water has been frigid and so far only the under 10 crowd are brave enough to actually get in!! I have enjoyed getting out with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea and soaking up some sun while my girls shiver in and out of the water.

This afternoon, after I took the eldest of my offspring to a friends house, I grabbed "The Who" (E's nickname) and took her over for a late afternoon swim. She loved it. There were some little girls from up the street we hadn't met yet, so she met some new friends and I got to talk to two other mom's. During our conversation I was very casually able to talk about the Lord and church. Come to find out, one family goes to our church and haven't plugged into Sunday school yet. This led to talking about women's Bible study, a subject near and dear to my heart. It was a refreshing conversation. I'm praying for more like them.

I'm looking forward to spending a little time tomorrow with my Father-in-Law and one of his friends. (They are up from Florida.) We haven't seen in-law set "A" since Christmas and we miss them terribly. (We meaning the girls and I. Chad spent a long weekend with his Dad in January snowmobiling in Utah.) I hate that Zuzu won't be with them, that will just give us more incentive to make a beach get-a-way.

In-law set "B" has had a rough week. Their beloved boxer bull-dog "Gabby" passed away last Saturday night. They got the call from the vet on Sunday afternoon. It was 13 years ago this fall that Chad and his little sister Lindsay went and picked Gabby up from the breeder and brought him home to their mom. He was a big baby, very gentle. When the oldest set of twins were toddler age boy did he take a beating!! They napped on that dog, crawled on that dog even shared goldfish with him. Once they were walking, they chased that poor dog all over the place. He kept that "somebody help me" look until they moved out!! But,secretly I think that dog loved the attention. My mother-in-law can't say much about this right now. I feel bad for her, she loved that dog like a child.

This week, I'll be planning for the next two weekends. Memorial Day weekend, my parents are coming down. Hopefully, my siblings and their families will be here as well. My dad is turning 60 and we want to surprise him by having all the kids and grandkids in one place. Then, the following weekend, Chad and the girls are leaving and my "Sista's" are coming in for a grown up slumber party. I am so excited!!! I just hope they will all be able to come. I'll post pictures from both weekends so you can check out all the excitement. :) It should be a fun 2 weeks.

I'm still praying about the lady up the street. So far I haven't had an opportunity to speak with her. I'm sure God is orchestrating something. He is so cool like that isn't He!

Oh, by the way here's a major praise. Chad landed himself a HUGE insurance client this week. We've been praying for two weeks as he prepared and delivered a quote to a potential client. We found out yesterday he got the account. Girls, this is so big and all the details coming together the way they did are nothing but a big ole' flashing yellow neon arrow point straight to God. God is in the details of our every day life. I say this often, and I'll say it to the day He take me home. He wants to be included, ASK HIM TO BE!! Invite Him to get involved!! He's just longing to show you some great things.