Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why Do I Sing in the Choir?

Before I launch into this subject, I want to thank you for your comments and e-mails about Chloe's reaction to her new bike. (For those of you who e-mail me, I promise it's safe to post a comment here!!)

I think it's important for you to know how Emma responded to her sister's gift. Emma was just as shocked and a little confused about what was going on. After all, it wasn't a birthday or anything. As we went out to ride, Emma looked at me with tears in her eyes. I knew this was coming. She said, "Mom, I know that I'm getting Chloe's old bike, but I don't have anyone to give MY old bike to. Who can I give it to?" We were so worried about her feeling left out, but she hadn't felt that way at all. Soooo, as awesome as Chloe's response was, to me Emma's was just as great.

Okay, on to the subject at hand. I've been playing the piano at a couple of different churches quite frequently and have really missed my "home" choir. Tonight was my first night back at rehearsal. I looked forward to this time all day. Rehearsal has always done wonders for my weary soul and body. While I love being at home with my girls, I especially needed the time away today.

What I didn't expect was to hear so much grumbling. There is an attitude among some in the alto section like you wouldn't believe. Just grumbling and complaining. I was really holding my tongue and praying. I didn't get the "okay" from God to respond to the grumbling. I by no means agreed with what I was hearing, but I'm learning that sometimes no words are just as powerful. So, I listened and prayed.

This was hard for me. Our worship pastor and his staff cover each Sunday's service in prayer. I know that they do because God moves each week in a powerful way. (Over and over again we see how God orchestrates a theme in our services.) They do a great job of picking music that not only glorifies God, but lines up with scripture. They have, what I see is one of the hardest ministries in the church. It's impossible to "please" 8,000 different people each week. They realize this and their concern is pleasing God and leading people in true worship.

How dare we come into rehearsal or a worship service with an attitude that there is only one style of music acceptable to God. How dare we sit and grumble about a style of the song instead of meditating on the lyrics. There is a message behind the melody and style. How can you say that singing scripture is not the type of music that pleases God? I just don't get it. If you're that unhappy, find a place where you can worship without grumbling! My parents taught me that you respect the authority God places in your life. I believe that our church staff is part of the spiritual authority in our lives, and they deserve our prayers, love and respect. (Now, if there is something that contradicts scripture in a song or action, then by all means go to them in the way scripture teaches us to. If you're unhappy because of a musical style then keep your mouth shut.)

Satan wants nothing more than to destroy unity among believers. The enemy is using this issue in more than one church. In fact, it seems that every music ministry seeking to draw people into worship is battling this. When will we wake up? It's a ploy of the enemy to hinder the worship of Almighty God!!! We have a choice. We can come to worship, be it rehearsal or corporate worship, with the attitude that I'm going to glorify God. Regardless of the style of music, regardless of what others are saying, I'm going to worship my God. Or, we can come with a chip on our shoulder, an attitude of rebellion and discontentment and be a discouragement to those around us. I don't know about you, but I need Jesus! I don't have the time or energy to fuss and argue over a style of music. It's not about my personal preference, it's all about HIM. It's about His glory reflecting off of our faces to people who are hurting and searching.

May our personal styles never get in the way of the message of Christ. Let's find ourselves face down in worship, so that we may face up to the glory of our Father.


The Small Scribbler said...

I agree! And I needed to be reminded of this. Worship at our church is a little like the choir concert you went to in New Mexico...without the choir robes.


Amy P. said...

I needed this reminder too! Choir practice this week was not much fun for me...but that's not what it's about!!! I'm having a hard time with the full-blown patriotic stuff! But He will be honored by my joyful submission to the authority above me!!!