Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog Birthday and a Stormy Saturday, and Anything Else that Comes to Mind.

Warning..this is a random post. I cannot guarantee that there will be a theme or any real spiritual depth. Read at your own risk.

It's hard to believe but "Notes From the Soul" is one year old this weekend! Has it really been a year since I started this journey? It sure doesn't feel like it....

You my new "siesta's" have been God's gift to me this year. So many times, you share something on your blog that is nothing but a Word straight from the Father to me. Thank you for that. This has been one year where I needed godly women to challenge and spur me on. You have and I love you!

Can I just tell you that I have laughed until my sides hurt at some of your posts!!! I'm not latest laugh until it hurts moment came when I read this post over at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman... this lady cracks me up. I have used the phrase "I'm going to drop my contents" several times since reading this. It just sounds better than, "I'm going to pee in my pants". Just keeping it real here girls..

And I so relate to her story in that post. My darling man, as innocent as he looks, pulled a similar prank on me shortly after we moved into this house.

I was closing our bedroom curtains one night when I turned away from the window to speak to one of the girls. When I moved on to the next window, I came face to face with something straight out of a horror movie. He was standing outside in the dark with his face as close to the window as he could get it, his eyes WIDE open. All I saw was the white of some strange man's eyes and white teeth. I screamed loud. Loud and shrill enough to make our puppy howl. Yes, I almost "dropped my contents". Needless to say, I got a back and foot massage out of that one.

By now, I'm sure you've seen that Atlanta was hit by severe storms this weekend. Thank you Lord for protecting us! We had bad thunderstorms, but our area was spared much damage. We did have some pretty large hail this afternoon.

Kind of reminded me of a time I was about 13. My dad was pastoring a church 30 minutes from our home. To get to this church, we had to go over Chickamauga Dam. My siblings were 11 and 9 at the time and the three of us were sitting in the backseat of our family car. This was pre-minivan. You know, when siblings would scream "HE'S TOUCHING ME". Well....

My precious little brother was irritating both my sister and I. To be honest, all three of us were a little too loud. We were on each other's last nerve.

It was Sunday afternoon and we were headed back for Sunday evening worship, dad was preaching on brotherly love and unity among believers. Let me tell you, we were a living sermon illustration that day. raised his voice and said something to the effect of I'm going to stand and preach on love and unity in an hour. I suggest the three of you listen to what God is going to say to you. We knew that we had better hush, or we would get a personalized sermon once we got home.

Just then, we began to cross the dam. The light rain we were driving in turned to a massive hail storm. Thunder, name it. It was scary and quickly brought the arguing in the backseat to an end. We were completely quiet. No one said a word until we pulled into the church parking lot 15 minutes later. (15 minutes of silence in our family was something to document people. We like to talk.)

I will never forget this. My dad parked, turned off the car, looked at my mom and said, "I can honestly say, we went through hail to get here tonight."

The three amigos in the backseat just burst into laughter. Then my darling little brother made some comment about the the hail starting when we crossed the dam bridge. I wish I could say I didn't laugh, but I did. I think we were all grounded and had to sit on the front pew that evening rather than with our friends. We also got LOTS of finger pointing from the pulpit......

During the storm this afternoon, we were home. Daddy is still recovering from the flu but has managed to stay up most of the day. That is a huge improvement. After some housework and laundry, I invited the girls to "Spa Mum". (Also known as mom's bathroom) We all put on our robes and enjoyed "Satin Feet" and a foot soak in the tub. I had a nature music CD playing, candles lit and we were talking each other's ears off when Chad came in to say that the storms were getting bad in our area. We thought the thunder and other storm sounds were part of our CD. WRONG! It was real life hail and rain!!! Needless to say, it brought a good laugh.

Here are some pictures for the grandparents!

Thanks for endulging my very random, blog birthday post. I feel like you are part of my family and can't wait to spend eternity with you!


BethAnne said...

My dad lives in Woodstock, Ga and he called me today to talk and after a few minutes he said, "I have to go to the basement - tornado warning!" YIKES!

Tonya said...


THANKS SO MUCH for your sweet words you left over at my blog. I'm so excited about this new meme... I'm already meeting more of my Sisters in CHRIST!

Thanks again for your comment. It was so nice to meet you...


Fran said...

I still can't believe the pictures from downtown Atl. CRAZY! Since we just lived through one in February, it freaks you out! I'm so glad y'all are ok.

The pictures are simply adorable Steph! You are such a great momma!

And, of course a big ole Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite bloggers around!!


Darla said...

that is too funny...and even when we had a mini van my children would yell "stop looking at me !" Was thinking of all my bloggy friends in the south during the storms...praying my heart out it! I am terrified of tornadoes, and just want them all to stay away from my sistas! LOL

The Small Scribbler said...

Hey Steph,

That storm started just west of us and they were predicting tornadoes for our area but aside from a good thunderstorm that was all we saw and I didn't think much of it. It wasn't until late last night that we happened to catch the news and saw Atlanta. I'm so glad all is well in your neck of the woods.


Bev Brandon said...

Steph, Your disclaimer that your post wasn't deep fell by the wayside as you talked about Malachi 3:17. The Lord is writing a book about you because you fear Him and bring others with you. You have such a beautiful way about you. Love your heart. So glad you are all safe. And just delighted over here to wish you a Happy Birthday. You're a beautiful woman full of faith and kindness. And it will truly be my privilege to spend eternity with people like you.

Carol said...

Too sweet! I love the spa day!

Cheri said...

I enjoyed this post!
My how fast the time does go....

jodi said...

"...hail starting when we crossed the dam bridge..." LOL! I am cracking up over here! You know your dad wanted to laugh too!!! :) mum sounds wonderful!!!