Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My experience with IT was one of the times where God took a bad thing, and taught or "re"taught me something about Himself.

Stick with me here.

Clothes. I.Love.Clothes. I love fashion. I love checking out the new stuff and trying to figure out each season, what new pieces I will purchase. To me, the adventure of finding those new pieces is fun. I like the challenge of finding just the right one and finding it cheap. (I've got some incredible stories of how God shows me just the right deals, but that is for another day.)

Clothes cover. They cover a multitude of things. Mostly girls here so I can be honest. The right piece of clothing will hide all the lumps and bumps we aren't very proud of. We take great measure to find the perfect fit so that we appear longer, leaner and look our best. Put on the right type of clothing and you can cover what you don't like about yourself.

What happens when you take those clothes off? Yep, the back fat is still there. The stretch marks, they're still there too. And don't forget about the cellulite, it seems to reproduce overnight sometimes. The "uglies", the things we don't like about our bodies. You can cover them, but at the end of the day they are still there.

I know you get where I am going with this.

Sin is our spiritual "ugly". When we try to cover it up our self, we are doing nothing but throwing on a piece of clothing that is several sizes to small. We can never say enough, do enough or be enough to make right, or cover our sin. There is only One who can.

Jesus Christ. The perfect tailor. He has custom designed a piece of clothing for each of us that will more than cover any sin. The sins we have committed in the past,are currently involved in and better than that, the sin we will commit tomorrow and the next day....

The Hebrew word for cover is "kasah" and it means to cover, conceal, hide; to clothe; forgive;to keep secret; to hide oneself, wrap oneself up."

Our Jesus has paid for our garment of salvation and our robe of righteousness with His Holy blood, sweat and tears. After this weekend I needed to be reminded that I have been wrapped up, covered, clothed by Jesus.

While I may have tripped over an old garment (that old stronghold) I quickly saw it for what it was, and it was a hideous thing!

The Lord has had me soaking in Isaiah 61. Verse 10 says this...
" I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.
For He has CLOTHED me with GARMENTS OF SALVATION and arrayed me in a ROBE of RIGHTEOUSNESS."

I challenge you today to trade your ill-fitting garment for the Cover that has been customized just for you.


Cheri said...

What a great post Stephanie!
I like the thought of that...tailored made, the perfect fit! What a way to put something so that people can remember what Christ has done for us and I can think of it every morning as I get dressed! I love it!!

jenmom said...

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again! I love your reminder of Isaiah 61:10! He Covers Me!!! I've had a monster raise its ugly head just this past night as well! But my God has overcome him!!! I was just architect and builder in my names of God devotional yesterday, and I couldn't help but remember your post on that very name. As I read in God's word, my reading took me to 1 Peter2:4-6. I focused on the portion that says, "you also like living stones are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."
Steph, keep letting God build you into a spiritual house, His holy priesthood. You can because HE IS ABLE!!!!!

Cassie said...

I found your blog from Bethanne's blog...and I love it...I have enjoyed reading some of your older posts...will be coming back for sure....

Earen said...

Thank you for your great last few posts! I so appreciate your honest & open heart about your struggles & what a great parellel regarding our clothes. I also loved the you tube you forwarded to us yesterday & forwarded it on to many of my friends yesterday by email. Thank you for being so vunerable to us.

Carol said...

Oooo, that's good! I have a post rattling around that has a similar thought. Great analogy!!

Leah said...

Isn't it odd how we go back and try to put those old garments back on? Good grief. We have brand new garments fit especially for a princess.

Hope everyone is well and on the go.


Fran said...

I got me some big tears Steph! Jesus is the ultimate tailor...that is awesome!!

I will come back to this...this girl needs it too.

I love ya~

Leah said...

hey steph,

tickets to san antonio are dirt cheap right now.

Amy Wyatt said...

This was sooo good! Loved it.