Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting Ready to Hit the Road!!

Freedom's Call will be in Winnsboro, SC this weekend to worship and hear from the Lord with a pretty special group of women. I can. not. wait. It really is my heart's desire to see women engage in worship and then hear God speak to them during Bible study. It is a high like I can't describe and the deepest desire of my heart. I am so honored to serve Him in this way.

Psalm 66:16..."Come, listen and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me!" stood out to be today. It seems that lately God has been showing me that EVERYTHING in my life has been allowed so that I can use it as an avenue to showcase Him.

Job loss, insecurity, financial issues, miscarriage, family issues, even arguments with the man. :) Yep, we had a little disagreement earlier in this week. (To quote Fran, Stupid Devil. Not Chad, the real one. Not that Chad is a pretend one....I'll stop now.)


It ALL has a purpose. ALL of it.

Here is where it got me. While it's never "easy" to stand on a platform, or lead a breakout session where I'm asked to share part of my story...I find it easier to do away from home and people that really KNOW me. Make sense? I guess I feel like I'm going to leave in a few hours and may never see them again. :)

What God is impressing on me is that there are times He asks me to do that at home. In my church, at the pool, in the grocery store check out line, and the kicker: with my family. Conviction came big time because more often than I'm proud to say, I try to "get out of it". Anybody else?

Heavy stuff to be dealing with right as I prepare to leave. I know from past experience that BLESSINGS FOLLOW OBEDIENCE. So why in the world do I fight Him on this?

I'm asking Him today to give me the same passion for my hometown people as I have for the women he allows us to serve on the weekend.

This probably makes NO sense to you and I will probably come home Saturday and ask myself "WHAT?" but right now, I just needed to talk it out. :)

Thanks for listening...


Leah Adams said...

Makes perfect sense. It is so hard for me to share with home folks because they know me---KNOW me and see me in some of my worst moments. Especially family. Often I wonder if they think, "she's got no business doing ministry as cranky, hateful, etc, etc as she can be".

Does that make sense?

Praying for FC this weekend.


Still Learning said...

Oh my goodness!! Ha ha, that is so funny because I am supposed to be scheduling some women's conferences at my small church and the first thing I thought of was Freedom's Call!! But then I was like.... but Stephanie KNOWS me!! LOL. You know me and my struggles and for some reason it feels hard to share with someone who knows your shortcomings or struggles. Why I don't know.... But thank you for sharing that and I can see how silly my thinking is.

I can't imagine how your light just doesn't shine like a beacon to everyone around you. You just have God's love pouring from your words and I feel quite certain that you are truly a light to those around you. Enjoy your weekend, lucky girl!!


Heather said...

Steph- This makes SUCH perfect sense to me! I am so much more comfortable around people I don't know or who I won't see again...especially serving in a ministry area.
Thanks for writing described in perfectly!
Good luck this weekend!

connorcolesmom said...

I totally get it!!
I am praying for you!!
Can't wait to hear the update
Much love

Heather C said...

I'm right there with you. I grew up a PK. The whole church new my business... the good, the bad and the ugly. Most of it (from age 15-25) was U.G.L.Y. I found I had no problem sharing my testimony with ppl who didn't know me... it brought me joy to shout of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness to me... and His mercy. But when it came to being vulnerable with the people who watched it all... who prayed for me through it all... THAT is difficult. Yet He is sovereign... as you said... over it ALL.

Thank you for being vulnerable with US. I'm encouraged tonight. Have a great weekend!