Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Official I am Old

Last Sunday my oldest baby turned 11. Since she was born on a Sunday all day long she talked about what was happening "at that exact time on the day I was born". Even with her friend here, she was watching the clock waiting for 5:28 pm when she would be exactly 11 years old. Goodness I have no idea where she gets this from. :) (Do you see the big ole' finger pointing at her mommy?)

Because of all the stuff going on in our life right now, Chloe thought it would be neat to have a combined family party with her sweet cousins M & M who were 3 the first of August. I'm so glad we decided to do that. With my mamaw's fall and surgery there was no way our family could have come all the way to the ATL this year. This is proof that God cared enough about Chloe to have us plan this ahead of time BEFORE all the stuff with my grandparents came up. He is in the details my friend.

Those three girls had a luau complete with a surfboard birthday cake. We had so much fun visiting with family. I'm hoping that my little brother will e-mail some pictures. (We left for Chattanooga so fast that week my camera was the last thing on my mind and I have NO pictures!)

We spent last week preparing for Chloe's b'day weekend. Chad's dad and stepmother came in late Friday night for a visit. Chloe was thrilled to have them here. Zuzu had been here last month when all our cousins were here, but Granddaddy wasn't able to come. It had been too long since our last visit.

We had a very lazy weekend. Saturday we had a special pre-b'day dinner at Medieval Times. Here we are before the girls scooted Chad around so they could sit with their grandparents.

We were blessed to have front row seats so we could talk to our Knight. He even gave Chloe flowers and Emma the ribbon sash thingy.. Sorry, I don't remember the official name!

Saturday night we had cake, ice cream and gifts.

We made the decision a couple of weeks ago to disconnect our home telephone. The only calls we received on that line were for Chloe! After a few days of my cell phone receiving LOTS of Chloe calls, we decided to surprise her with her own cell phone. She has VERY strict rules and will be sitting with down with Chad and I to sign a contract agreeing to the rules. Here she is shortly after she opened her eyes to see what Dad had placed in her hands. I love that you can see Granddaddy in the background calling her. :)

We have started a new tradition of working a puzzle a week so we spent the majority of the weekend trying to finish that blasted puzzle that I will never work again. :) THAT one was too much for me. We finished about 11:00 Saturday night. (Well, the adults finished. The girls gave up and went to bed!)

On her actual day, she invited her best girlfriend over. G.L. and Chloe spent the afternoon swimming, giggling, singing and just being girls. We talked about "middle school" and how nervous they both were. It was a sweet day. A simple b'day but sweet and one that holds extra special memories for Chloe.


jodi said...

I don't know what would make me feel older? My daughter turning 11 or that she had her own cell phone! :)

Leah said...

What a fun time!! Your girls are so cute and I know that they are such a blessing. Thanks for sharing the birthday pics with us. The cake looked sooooo good.

It ain't a birthday without a cake!!


Still Learning said...

Oh, Happy birthday to your sweetie!!
What a wonderful time of of celebrating you all had! It looks like fun. I've never been to one of those jousting places before. I'll bet it was a fun thing for the girls to see. And I know what you mean about feeling old!! My oldest turned 17 a few months back and is a Senior this year, ACK!! Well, the 2 year old keeps me feeling young at least, lol.

Goodness, I've been computerless for a couple of weeks so I haven't kept up with anyone very much. Hope you are having a great summer with the girls.