Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Need an End of Summer Pick Me Up? Me too...How About a New CD?

Boy I sure did need a pick me up!! We took off for Chattanooga on Tuesday morning. And by took off I mean...we packed fast and I forgot my favorite pair of flip flops and the pants to my second favorite pair of pj's. (After San Antonio last year, I have this thing about sleeping in the same pj's two nights in a row thank you very much Jenny Hope!)

I'm thrilled to tell you that after a very touch and go day, my 92 year old grandmother surprised everyone and did great in her surgery last Tuesday. God was gracious and He anointed that surgeon. (Who by the way, is precious man of God. If you are in Chattanooga and need a good orthopedic Doc. e-mail me! This is one Doctor you WANT.)

Mamaw is now in a nursing home working on getting back on her feet. We are praying that she will participate in her therapy, work hard and be well enough to move to an assisted living facility. Lots of decisions for my parents who are both only children. It's in times like this, I wish I was closer.

So about that pick me up....

The week before I left, I had an e-mail from a sweet intern with Provident Label group asking if I would be interested in listening to a new sister duo. Of course I said yes and I was introduced to Tal and Acacia. They have a Nora Jones or Six Pence None the Richer sound and I LOVE them.

Of course the CD package arrived while I was helping my parents last week. Chad brought it to me last weekend when he joined us in Chattanooga. Sweet Rachel put not one, but 2 preview CD's in there!!!

Chloe and I listened to it on our drive back to the ATL on Sunday. She loved this sister duo as much as I did and maybe a little more. While I like each song on the album, "Yahweh" is ministering to me right now. I LOVE THE LYRICS TO THIS SONG!!!!

Quirky is one adjective their site uses to describe them. I say, FUN, refreshing and the perfect end of summer pick me up! SOOOOOOOOO.

FIRST: Go HERE and listen to the three songs on the playlist.

SECOND: Come back here and tell me which one speaks to you right now.

THIRD: Tell your Internet friends.(Or imaginary friends as my daughters call you)AND COME BACK NEXT WEEK! I'll be giving away one of the preview copies on Monday August 10!!!

I'm going to try and type my LPM verse from memory here. It is the verse that has kept me going over the last few weeks.

He who dwells in the shelter of the MOST HIGH will rest in the shadow of the ALMIGHTY!!! Psalm 91:1


Leah said...

You know, Stephanie, it had not entered my mind until just now (lots of empty space in my mind apparently) but I never received the other CD I won at your giveaway. Did the other winners get theirs?


ocean mommy said...

This comment is for my FaceBook friend Jessica

ocean mommy said...

And this is for my Facebook friend Tiffany. :)

ocean mommy said...

Leah, I'm e-mailing you right now!!!

Melinda said...

Hey there sweet friend...I'm back from a long break and would LOVE a little pick-me-up! Count me in!