Monday, March 14, 2011

One Thousand Gifts -2

So much to be thankful for this afternoon. God has answered a huge prayer for us today. HUGE. More on that later in the week.

For today, I'm so thankful for the following:

21. So grateful to be part of women's ministry team "Freedom's Call".
22. Watching God work in the hearts of women.
23. Sunrise over the water.
24. God's hands.
24. Our toy poodle Paddington.
25. Blogging friends/Siesta's.
26. My girl's giggle. (The "I can't catch my breath I'm so tickled" giggle.)
27. Tulips
28. Apple Dumplings
29. Mexican food
30. Tuesday night prayer time at our church.
31. Radical (by David Platt)
32. New and unexpected friends
33. When God brings to mind a verse that you have memorized at just the right time.
34. HGTV.
35. Finding a good deal on anything.
36. The German lady that bags my groceries each week. She is just precious.
37. Kissing Chad
38. Hugs from my girls.
39. Grandmother's charm bracelet.
40. Mamaw's china.
41. Navy Blue
(The last two were given to me in the last year. I am so thankful to have something from each of my grandmothers.)


Patty said...

Hi Steph!

#'s 24, 25, 27,28, 31 34, totally agree. :)

I am thankful for you. :)

Much love,

Carol said...

Loving #37. Too sweet.

Craig said...

I clicked over from Ann’s Multitude Monday link.

It’s Friday and there are still more lists to read. Today I finally got to yours. Whatever the prayer was it sounds awesome – good for you! And because it’s one of the ways he speaks to us, and he’s done it for me, and Our Lord is just special like that - my favorite from your list is 33. When God brings to mind a verse that you have memorized at just the right time.

May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day