Friday, November 16, 2007


I posted a few days ago that God had asked me to host a Bible study in my home. Specifically with a few of the ladies in my neighborhood. (And anyone else who wants to come!) So I've said yes to that and now beginning to pray about what that study should look like. Seeing as this is the first time I've done anything like this and I'm not real sure of who will be here, I feel like I need to do something video based. Also, as much as I love homework and I do, I really want this to be lighter on that. (We won't be doing "Breaking Free" this time!) I don't women to feel like "I didn't get my homework done so I can't go." Not one minute in the Word is wasted!

Here's where I need your help. Tell me what studies you've done that you think might work. Think about women who may have never done a study. What would you suggest to them. I don't want to overwhelm the newbies, but at the same time, I don't want to bore the girls who want to dig deeper. I'm praying that God will lead me to just the right study. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Thanks! I'll let you know when God shows me! Also, please pray. I'm asking God to make this happen and bring the ladies He wants to be here. It may be 1 it may be 5 I don't know. Pray that all these little details will come together and I will rest knowing that He's got this covered.

Thank you blog siesta's. I sure wish you could all be in my living room part of this, but your prayers and encouraging words make me feel like you're here. Can you imagine what San Antonio is going to be like?!! I bet we don't sleep the whole weekend. :)


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

"He Speaks to Me" by Priscilla Shirer. It's amazing, the homework isn't overwhelming, and it's perfect for those new to Bible study or those wanting to dig deeper. It's based on Samuel, and learning to hear when God is speaking to you.

If you've never seen/heard Priscilla, that girl could preach the paint off a barn! She's A-MAZ-ING!

Lifeway should have this resource. Or you can check it out at Priscilla's

darla said...

A very good easy and keeping it light study, with a very good God focus...Is Angela Thomas-video--beautitudes..don't remember the name but it is on Lifeways page...very good, mine is out or I would send it to you to use... She is just very down to earth and very good relating to women no matter if they have met the Lord or not...but they will leave her wanting to know HIM..she is a single mom of 3 or 4...but she is just darling, and lives in Tennessee! Check her out, met her once and just love her...she lived with my Pastors wife in college..just adorable

Heather said...

I love all of Beth Moore's studies...of course, there is a substantial amount of homework involoved. "Jesus, The One and Only" would be great for a "mix" of people, and if you're just about to start it, it would probably end right around Easter, which would be great timing. I've also done a study called "Conversation Peace," which was video-based and very light on the homework end. For the life of me, I can't think who wrote that study, but it was a good one. I'll be praying God will direct you in the right direction.

Leah said...


I met a girl from your church this weekend while I was at the Lifeway Women's Leadership Event. She is the assistant to the new Women's Ministry Director. Don't remember her name, though. She ate lunch with us and was just the sweetest thing.

Some studies that I might suggest that are low on homework but high on the Word.

1. Beth's new study on Proverbs, Wising Up. NO homework at all--just DVDs and lots of fodder for discussion. Believe me, EVERY woman should do this.
2. Priscilla Shirer- either one of hers.
3. Jennifer Rothschild - Walking by Faith
4. Mary Kassian - Conversation Peace - it's about controlling our tongue which most women need.

Hope this helps.


jenmom said...

I would recommend any of the studies out of Kay Arthur's "Lord" series. They have more of a devotional tone to them and the homework is minimal to none on most days. I have done two of them: Lord give me a heart like yours and Lord I need grace to make it today. Don't know if you are familar with Arthur's ministry,but it's Precept Ministries. She does the Deeper Still conferences with Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. God bless you as you minister to those ladies around you. They are in for a treat!!!!

jodi said...

Some women in a subdivision I once lived in got together and did a study called "Women Making a Difference in Marriage". I really liked it and it worked for us because all women, whether newly wed or married a long time, can learn more about how to make a difference in their marriage.

Hope that helps too! :)

Fran said...

You have some wonderful suggestions here so I will now pray for your discernment. I do like the idea of going a shorter study....if you want Beth Moore try the new one on the Psalms or even the Wising Up series. But, there are SO many great ones out there.

I'm praying for you friend. I know God will lead you to the perfect study for your perfect group.


Kemi said...

Hi Stephanie,
I’m new reader to your blog and truly believe I found it by the Lord’s leading.

I am amazed at your hunger for the Lord's heart and it’s great to see Him show Himself to you as you seek and hunger after him. It has inspired me to seek more of him daily, believe and take him at His Word.

I pray for the leading of the Lord in the direction of the study and for His purpose to be accomplished.

I have a book suggestion – Pathway to purpose for Women: Connecting your to-do list, your passion, and God’s purpose for your life by Katie Brazelton.

Thanks for taking off the mask and being real.

In Christ,

BethAnne said...

I am with Melissa. I have led "He Speaks To Me' (Priscilla Shirer) at my church twice and am leading "Discovering he Voice of God" in January. You cannot go wrong with Priscilla - she is beautiful and an eloquent speaker that keeps your attention from start to finish. I have lots of notes from preparing to lead these studies, I would be glad to share them with you if you need them.

Anonymous said...

Do John. You can't go wrong with new or mature Christians when you study God's love. I think Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer require a lot of prep time for your ladies and you don't want them to give up after they make a commitment to try a study. A woman moved into my neighborhood eight years ago and started a small group Bible study doing John and today we have four groups of 8 to 25 women doing four different studies all in our one little neighborhood. I will pray that your start up group will grow God's Kingdom as each lady you touch will carry God's word out into the world with her. God bless you.