Thursday, November 15, 2007

Small Blessings

It's quiet around here. Chloe and Emma are spending the night with our dear friends. They are taking them to see "High School Musical" at one of the area high schools. My girls are beside themselves.

Chad isn't home yet, it's me and Paddington the poodle. Even the dog is quiet! Small blessings. That's what I'm thankful for right now.

I'm getting ready to pop some appetizers in the oven. It's girls night out for the ladies in our Sunday School class and I'm really excited to see what Carol (Sheep to the Right) has planned for tonight. The e-mail says that this is Pep Rally for God. She mentioned a human pyramid.....then quickly said just kidding. I think that would be a hoot. So my camera is going in the bag, maybe we can talk ourselves into it. :)

It seems everyone is listing what they are most thankful for. Some are doing it daily. This year, I'm most thankful for what we normally refer to as the little things. Like...

A full pantry. This year has been hard, but we've never NOT had a full pantry. Others can't say that.

Shoes and Clothes that last! Remember how the Israelite's shoes didn't wear out in the desert? Well, God has stretched our budget and made things last when it comes to our clothing. It blows my mind! Boy is He good or what.

I'm thankful this is our second year of homeschooling. I don't feel the pressure/stress that I felt this time last year. It has been God's plan for our family and I'm glad that each member of this household is in agreement and willing to obey God when it comes to this.

I'm thankful that when I turn my faucet on there is water. Here in Atlanta, that may not be an option for much longer!! Please pray for rain. :)

Okay, I know some of you may be thinking this list is a little shallow, and honestly I struggled as to whether to post it or not. BUT.....

Remember a couple of days ago I took off the mask? This is just where I'm at right now. This entire year God has been saying to me "Quit relying on man (mainly my man) to supply your needs. I AM ENOUGH." I've known this, said it for years and even believed it, but God has used this year to drive that precept deep into my heart. He really does care about what we consider small, insignificant details. He cares about that sparrow and what it will eat. He dressed that lily in the field...

Yep, He cares about our "little" needs. Maybe learning this is faith practice"?


Fran said...

This is just beautiful Steph. Nothing shallow here at all. I loved it so much. Gratitude is in everything we have been blessed with. Its fun to think about what we are thankful for....and trying not to repeat ourselves!!!

Have fun tonight. I hope ya'll do the human pyramid! Because it would just be hysterical....not that ya'll can't do it or anything, but grown women making a pyramid! I love it!! Have a blast. Laugh hard.

Blessings to you~

Carol said...

Okay, if I knew you were that excited about the pyramid, we definitely would have done it. We WILL make a human pyramid before this year is out. Tonight was so rocking for Jesus!! Thanks for being a part of it!

darla said...

it does my heart good to know and remember that God is in the little things and small details of my times I need HIM to be so very big, but when it is heart to heart, I need HIM small enough to fit in the car, and hang out with me while i do dishes...and sometimes just because HE is faithful and true, and this world isn't. I have been where you are, and what wonderful first hand experiences HE is and will show you!!Love ya Princess, and keeping you in my prayers!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Carol -

I grabbed my camera so that if that human pyramid happen to take place, I could be the designated photographer!!

Seriously, last night was incredible!! Thanks for sharing.


Be Inspired Always said...

Beautifully written :)

I understand why you name your blog Notes from the soul, because you really do speak from it.

I'm new to your blog, please feel welcomed to visit mine.