Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Links

I've been bragging about our photographer for a couple of days so I'm going to tell you a little about her.

First of all her name is Deborah. (I've added a link to her in the Girly Girl Stuff section of my sidebar.) Deborah has the heart of a servant. She recently "retired" from her job to pursue photography full time. She is in her element when she's behind that camera, it was so fun to watch HER.

This sweet lady spoke a holy word over us after she snapped that last picture. It brought tears to our eyes and was just one more confirmation that we were where God wanted us. I just love her and know that you will too. So, if your in the Atlanta area, check her out. :)

I've also added a new blog in my Good Stuff. It's for my Sunday School/Choir friend DeAnna. We had been in this little town for a couple of months when my parents came down for a long weekend. That Sunday night at church, DeAnna was walking up an aisle of our church when she stopped, looked at my mom and started talking to her. They taught school together in Chattanooga several years ago. What a small world.

DeAnna sings in a group called By Design. They are one anointed group of ladies that God uses to bless my heart over and over again. Go check her out, I think you'll make a new friend.

Okay, I'm off to rehearse a little. Freedom's Call is singing in our Mid Week Worship service tonight.


Fran said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! Since I'm new to your blog I'm gonna find some older posts as to who you wonderful ladies are....and which one are you Ocean Mommy??!!!

The day together and the pictures are beautiful. God blessed you in a magnificent way. I'm so glad you shared. I love every single picture.

Have a great week!

DeAnna said...

Thanks, Stephanie, for the encouraging words. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for both of us.

Heather C said...

Breathtaking pictures! What a beautiful job Deborah did!

I'm a little behind the 8 ball too... is this a bible study group, or your singing group... or just sisters?

God bless you all!