Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday surprises

I've noticed this week that before our read aloud time, the girls would disappear into the loft and quietly work on something. When I would come upstairs to read with them, the desk would be clean and they would be snuggling in on the couch to listen to "Little Women". Honestly, I didn't think much about it until yesterday.

I heard them giggling and then Emma said, "There might be something for you in the kitchen." Well, I headed in there to refill my coffee cup and this was sitting on my counter:

It's a one day early birthday card from "the who". She is in first grade, so pardon the spelling. but it says. "Hapee Brthday Mommy" I love my mommy." So precious, and the fact that she placed it right in front of my coffee maker is priceless. That girl knows where I spend my time!!!

About that same time, our doorbell rang. I needed to sign for a delivery. It was a very generous gift card to one of my all time favorite places. Compliments of my in-laws-A. It didn't take long for me to find several articles of clothing, place them in my virtual shopping cart and check out. And GUESS WHAT!!! I received confirmation that they were shipped YESTERDAY!!!! So maybe, just maybe they'll be here in time for our concert on Saturday! (if you think about it say a prayer for Freedom's Call on Saturday around noon, we're singing in what can be a dangerous part of Atlanta. Thanks) Can you tell I'm excited?

I had most precious alarm EARLY this morning. It was the sweetest little face standing over me saying Happy Birthday Mommy. Chloe has always been an early riser, and today was no different. She crawled in bed with us for a few minutes, and we put together a Birthday Puzzle she had made for me. It was pretty cool. This is the card Chloe made for me.

And this is the card Emma had waiting for me when I got up.

(Yes I know it's upside down. I've deleted and uploaded it twice and it continues to do this, I'm giving up!)

This is the first year they have done this completely on their own. Daddy did not have to prompt them, which tells me they are growing up! I'm so thankful they have such generous hearts.

My girlfriends in Freedom's Call gave me the most beautiful necklace. I LOVE it!
I'm trying to build an outfit around it to wear on Saturday when we sing again. :)

Last week when we were singing at Celebrate the Savior, my husband was very busy. I came home to find my dining room walls had been transformed into the beautiful Italian Olive that I so dearly love. Thanks Chad! I LOVE it. :)

He is also taking me to see Jim Brickman on Saturday evening. I can hardly contain my excitement. While I would never EVER take a picture during the concert, you better believe I'll have some of us before hand. I'll share those this weekend. One day, I'll have a picture with the Brickman, but until then, I'll just take a picture with the program...... honestly, if I were to have the opportunity to meet him, I would have no earthly idea what to say. I would probably humiliate myself, my husband, my parents and my piano teachers, plus scare the poor guy to death. :)

So on to the neatest thing about my birthday. A couple of months ago I posted about God using a Blog Siesta to help shove me to Siesta Fiesta (Living Proof in San Antonio) next August. For those who don't remember, (as if you hang on to my every word and remember every detail of my life!) this precious siesta could not attend and GAVE ME HER TICKET!!! Chad and I agreed that it was confirmation that YES, I was to go. Well......look what came in the mail TODAY.

Yes it did!! So I feel like I'm celebrating with Beth and Travis too!!

God is good. Shortly after I opened this my Dad calls to tell me how his biopsy went. He doesn't have one spot, he has three. BUT, they are so small right now they will not do a biopsy. (Gracious, I just re-read that last sentence and I originally typed autopsy. Glad I caught that one!) The decision was made to wait three months and then take another look. I've been praying that God would take the spot away, and I will continue to pray this way. I believe that those places may have gotten smaller over the last 2 weeks, maybe they'll be completely gone on that next visit.

THEN, my mom calls. Grandmother is moving to a private room as I type this. Praise the Lord. She wound up having her aorta replaced, and surgery was a little more intense than originally thought. She's doing well, but we want her to stay as long as possible!

I don't think this day could get any better. Thank you Lord, for giving me a day like today. You've shown yourself to me every time I've turned around. Thank you for health, friends, and family. But most of all thank your for your presence. It's more precious to me than anything.


Darla said...

Happy Birthday Princess!!!!!glad you had so many surprises today! All of the good kind. Love ya!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Aww-what a good day. I LOVE the green. Cannot wait to see it in person again.

Hope you have a great time at the concert. Happy Birthday!
Love you!

Kemi said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I pray that God will continue to grant you more wisdom for the great years ahead.

Love you in Christ,

Leah said...

Hallelujah and Happy Birthday!!

Can't wait to see you in San Antonio!!


Fran said...

Can you see me grinning from ear to ear as I read every awesome word of this post???

HALLELUJAH! "We love you Jesus. We thank you Jesus for this precious woman of God and the joy and blessings you put before her today. Thank you God for the mighty work she does for the body of Christ. Bless her as she sings for you this weekend. Keep them safe God. And, most of all...may they bring someone closer to you or for the very.first.time!!!!!

I'm so glad I know you. I cannot wait to see you in August. Can we just cry together?! Do you have your roommate?? Is it a fellow siesta that you've never met?? Completely cool what Ms. Beth has cooked up for us.

Happy Birthday friend. May God continue to shine brightly through you. You bless me tremendously. How I wish I could hear you sing.

Much love,

DeAnna said...

Birthday Blessings, dear friend. I am glad that it has been a special one. Your girls are so sweet. I can't wait until mine are old enough to remember those things on their own. Their gifts were special kisses from the Lord just to let you know that you are making such an everlasting impact on those precious little lives. What a gift to savor!

I hope your time on Saturday is a blessing beyond belief. One word of caution would be not to dress showy at all. Leave all the glam at home. I don't even wear my rings when I go. I will say a special prayer that morning for you and the other girls.

Praise the Lord for the wonderful health reports. I will continue to pray for your dad.


jennyhope said...

Happy Birthday Steph! Praise the Lord for all of this. Also, we will be meeting in San Antonio! WHHHOOO HOOOOOO!

The dining room looks great! keep us updated on your dad

BethAnne said...

So happy for you and your family that your dad and grandma are doing well. Those cards are so precious! Your kids have a great mommy who has a heart for the Lord - your witness is such a gift to them. Happy Birthday!

Abby said...

hahaha i love that everyone is posting pictures of their fliers and bracelet...i got mine in the mail too!! that's it...i'm posting a picture...(so i guess this means that i want to hear you sing in san antonio...sound good? Great!!) ;)

your girls are just precious....heppy late-birthday!! sounds like it was awesome!! :)

Carol said...

I love the new dining room color! I hope your birthday was great! Have fun Sat. night!

Kristin said...

Happy belated birthday Stephanie! I've been absent from blogland for awhile with a sick boy, but it was fun to catch up and hear about your day. It sounds like it was fabulous! What a sweet family you have. The girls' cards were precious. And you were at the concert tonight so I look forward to hearing about that as well.
Glad to hear your grandmother continues to do well. I will continue to pray for a quick and full recovery!
Happy Birthday my friend ~ Kristin