Saturday, December 29, 2007

A week in pictures

We are home and settled again! I feel like I've burn up the interstate between Atlanta and Chattanooga the last two weeks. That's okay, it's worth it to see our family. We had a wonderful time. I'm posting a few pictures for those who couldn't be there this week.

Christmas morning was spent here at home. We decided a long time ago that Santa would always come to our home. And He did. Chloe said, "Santa rocked out this year."

This picture is of Chad's gift to us. Each of "the girls" received 6 small packages. Inside were picture frames with a certificate describing a "date" with him during this new year. We each received three individual and 3 family dates. (He had us make a list of ten places we wanted to visit or things we would like to do in 2008 back in September, he took those ideas and created these dates.) Once the certificate is used, a photo of the "date" will go into the frame. Pretty cool idea I thought. He's going to be broke!

Emma and Chloe holding their gifts from Granddaddy and Zuzu on Christmas morning. Hopefully they'll be in for a visit soon.

Opening gifts at Nana's. Emma is checking out her new Hannah Montana purse and Chloe has sported her "Hannah" sunglasses ever since. (Rain or shine)

Santa left these robes at Gram's and Daddy Mack's house. He also left matching slippers. Chloe and Emma have been looking at and dreaming about owning these robes from Strassburg for over a year. When they realized that Santa left them at Gram's, they almost had tears of joy. They LOVE these robes. (Secretly, I may go get one for me! I think the largest girls size would fit okay!)

On Thursday, we kept the twins. Since we had Uncle Chad and Daddy Mack, we decided to get out and go to the TN Aquarium. It was a blast. Here's the grandparents with 4 of their 5 grandchildren. The only one missing is Colin. I wonder if I could cut and paste a picture of him into this? Hmmmmm, maybe a project for later.

Here are the girl cousins in the butterfly exhibit. There were butterflies all in this tree. All four of them could have spent the rest of the day in this exhibit. They loved it. I got a taste of what it must be like for my sister in law Lindsay. (twinsx2) People often ask us if Chloe and Emma are twins, but with Mia and Morgan with us, we got quite a few double takes. One lady said as we passed, "What did they do to deserve that! I think I would have stopped after the first set." What a goober....:) I just kept saying, "Here girls, let Aunt Steffie help you...." As much as I love them, I was ready to have my two potty trained girls to myself Thursday night!!!

Chloe and Emma with a little buddy. Too cute. Daddy would have stayed here and watched the penguins all day. He said the penguin exhibit in Sydney was better, but that these little guys were just as entertaining.

We took 90 pictures on this trip. Well, Chad took 89 pictures. As you can see, he did an excellent job of staying behind the camera. This is the ONLY shot of him I got. (I'll get my mom's camera and see what she has. She always catches him when he least expects it!) I think he was checking out the shark with Chloe and Mia.

I still have a few things from the Brickman concert I want to share, but right now my mind is on overload. I'm hoping to sit down and collect my thoughts this week.


Leah said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!


Fran said...

Stephanie...these pictures look awesome! And, your hubby and the gifts??!! OH my GOSH! Please tell him that he is sooooo creative and wins the prize for effort and creativity.

I'm glad that Christmas was so good for your family. Thank you for sharing the pictures. The entire family is precious.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh it is so nice to see those pics! Looks like fun girl. Chad is so sweet. They will love it.

Love ya!

Kemi said...

Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing..You do have a beautiful family and that truly is a blessing from God.

And Happy New Year in Advance!!!!


jodi said...

What a fun week! I love Chad's gift to you and the girls. Great idea!!!

Carol said...

These were so great! My favorite is Chad's gift! What an awesome idea. You've got yourself a winner!

DeAnna said...

Love all the pictures. What a cool idea Chad had for his gifts. I may have to pass that along - if you don't mind.

jennyhope said...

Aww I love all of the pics! Uncle Chad must be pretty thoughtful thats for sure! I love the slippers and Morgan in the bag!!

The Small Scribbler said...


What an awesome idea! Maybe we'll have to try it here. Steph, you are one blessed wife.