Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Stuff

If you read Travis Cottrell's blog, then you know that he posted this week and shared some random things with us. I have a couple of things like that to share, hence this post! Let me just go ahead and tell you that unlike Travis, I didn't stand in the Hobby Lobby line next to Carrie Underwood.

Christmas on the Corner was awesome. Cold, but awesome. I sure hope this turns into a tradition. My family and our good friends from Conyers (Ron and Pam) came last night. When Chloe and Emma stepped off the shuttle at the entrance with me, their little eyes were HUGE. Emma said, "Oh Mommy, this is better than Disney World!" Emma compares everything to Disney World, so that says a lot.

I went to sign in and then we headed up the hill to my first stop. We talked about all of the neat things they could do and see, the excitement was growing. Once Chad met up with us, Chloe began to explain the map and tell him what the plan would be. I cracked up when she, as serious as a heart attack looked at Chad and said "Dad, there are once in a lifetime experiences here, and we NEED to experience them."

They seemed to enjoy themselves, every time I saw them they were smiling and pointing out something new. Poor Ron and Pam, I guess they can count this as grandparent training. (They are having a granddaughter in April!!!)

The caroling group sang to all of the parents/grandparents who were waiting in line with their little ones to ride the train. The train was THE thing for the five and under crowd. :) As one little girl walked by with her mother, she said "Mommy, let's get in line!!!" The mom said, "This line's to long, we'll ride the one at the mall." It was pretty funny. BUT, I later saw that mom and little one in line. (I guess she gave in. At least this train ride was free!)

Chad and I divided the girls up for the ride home and Emma wanted to ride with me.
As we pulled out of the church parking lot this was our conversation:

Emma - "Mommy, what man am I going to marry?"

Me - "I don't know Emma, but God knows and He'll let you know when you meet Him. When you're much older."

Emma - "I think we need to pray for Him right now."

Me - " Okay, do you want to go first, or should I?"

Emma - "I will. 'Dear God, thank you for my mommy. Thank you for the boy that will marry me. Please help him to be smart and listen to his teachers. Make him be nice and kind. And make sure he has a good Christmas. In Jesus name.' Okay mommy you pray a good word over him."

(I prayed and then our conversation continued.)

Emma - "Hey Mom - When I have my own little children, will I do everything just like you do it?"

Me - "Well, Emma, you might do somethings the way I do them, but I'm sure you'll find your own special way to do things too."

Emma - "Well, I want to cook like you cause it's real good. AND I want to make the bed like you do because I love the way you fold down the big comfortable to make it pretty. Like the ones at the Southern Bell dream house in Dalton."

Me - "Thank you Emma, that makes me feel so special."

Emma - "Hey Mom - Chloe and I are praying that you will have another baby."

Me - "Well Emma, God would have to work a miracle for that to happen."

Emma - "I'm going to have 18 children"

Me - "Wow Emma, you're going to busy."

Emma - "Yes and my husband will buy 2 RV's for us to drive around in. That way the big kids can walk around and help the little ones. RV's have fridges for juice cups and bottles. AND cabinets for snacks. You need A LOT of snacks when you have 18 kids."

Me - "I bet you do."

I love this kid. She never ceases to crack me up. She's a lot like my sister was when we were growing up. Valerie was one of the few people who could make me laugh so hard that my sides would hurt and the tears roll. She did a great "mad preacher". It was so funny.

Anyway ---I hope your weekend is filled with fun, family and great memories!


7 comments: said...

Awwww.. You know, I married the man I started praying for when I was 12. His father died when he was 15 (I was 12). His family was friends with my mom, and although I didn't really know the boy, I knew that if I lost my dad, my heart with be torn apart.. so I began praying for him. Whodathunk that 5 years later I would meet him! :)

Never too early to start praying for a husband who loves God!

jodi said...

That was soooo cute! Love how she prayed for her future husband to have a good Christmas. That girl really thinks ahead!!!

Fran said...

Well, that conversation between you and Emma might be the greatest conversation had! "And to make sure he has a good Christmas!" Aaaaaahhhhh.

I love kids! They do make us laugh all the time.

I'm going to do some randomness on Monday! I can't wait.

love ya,

Leah said...

Oh, mercy. 18 children!! Makes me queasy!! She is so cute!! Sounds like the girls had a great time. I love it that they feel so comfortable praying about ANYTHING!! That is how prayer should be..just talking to our best friend.

Have a great day!!


Carol said...

Oh my, this one brought tears to my eyes. I love children! They are just so pure and precious. This was such a special memory. Thanks for sharing!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

how sweet. YOu have to journal that prayer for her so when she gets older she will remember that moment. The prayers for her future husband. How sweet. I just love those times with our little ones. They are so precious. SO what did Chad and Chloe talk about?
Love ya!

BethAnne said...

I am thinking that you might need to start saving up to buy Christmas presents for all those grandchildren. Just a thought :-).