Monday, April 13, 2009

How are you doing?

Really, how are you doing? Did you have storms over the weekend where you live?
How was your Easter Sunday? We had a great service and spent Sunday just resting and concentrating on our Jesus. We are still praying for our friends and their Baby R. Please join us in praying for a complete healing for this little boy who is about 10 days old right now.

We were in Chattanooga Friday and Saturday and had some pretty intense thunderstorms on Friday afternoon, but Saturday was pretty okay. A little cool for April but a pretty good day. Saturday morning Chad was able to go and do the bike portion of a triathlon he'll be doing later this month. I know he was glad to ride the course before race day. :) I still can't believe he is physically able to do this stuff. It is a testimony that God does heal and restore life. Seriously, one day when Chad gives me permission, I'm going to post a picture of him about 15 years ago when we were first married. You will see what I'm talking about. Until then, know that when I say I believe God heals, I'm speaking from first hand experience.

Once he got back from his 15 mile ride, our nephew Colin was just waiting for another "bike lesson". Colin wanted to learn how to ride a real two-wheel bike. Mom and Dad keep a few of our old bikes in the basement for the grandkids, so Chad pulled one out and they got started. Bless his heart his legs were already tired, but he ran up and down the street with Colin for another hour or so.

I had to get out the camera to document it for my sister so here are a few photos of our little man learning to ride.

I think Chad was giving him a pep talk...

From the look on Chad's face, I think they were trying to take Aunt Steffie down!

Here are Chloe and Emma on Easter the outfits THEY picked out WITHOUT MY HELP.

As much as we loved Spring Break, we were very ready to get back into our school routine this morning. Since we played all weekend, this house is a mess! I'm off to try and catch up on laundry!


Unknown said...

We had storms today. I watched two trees fall while I was at work.

I'm working late tonight so I hope there won't be any more problems.

From my heart,


Still Learning said...

Hi Stephanie, funny you mention the storms. We had so much hail and wind over here in good ole Ball Ground on Fri. that we had a roof leak and the brand new office that my huband just finished flooded. Oy Vey. That was fun, ha ha. Well, we're all okay at least. Glad you had a nice Easter. Ours was great.

Kate said...

Storms here. Huge tree down next door that smashed a shed and a couple nonworking lawnmowers. Glad you had a good Easter.

Heather C said...

Sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate Resurrection Day! :) No storms here, but a fire did burn down about 45 homes on a christian campground that is dear to my heart. The winds were so high that the small brush fire became a raging monster in no time at all. Please pray for those affected by the fire in Alton, NH.

Other than that sad news, we had a wonderful holiday. He lives! Hallelujah!

~Ang said...

CUTE! Love it!

We lost power with that storm for a while. ALSO that wind ripped a metal piece off the top of our house and bent it up something good. It is amazing what the wind can do.
Much love girl!
Next time you are in and have the time lets do coffee.

Cheryl said...

We haven't had any real storms in our area but just lots of rain yesterday.
But I've been praying for all my bloggin friends in Tn and N. Ga.

Still no baby yet! Looks like he's going to wait til Thurs!

After my former husband filed for divorce, we went through a pretty tough custody battle. I prayed 2 Chron. 20:12 constantly! Love that verse!

Fran said...

pictures are fabulous!!! I'm so glad y'all had a wonderful Easter too.

Big hugs,

Amy said...

Your blog is always a blessing. I just caught up today on a few entries. I especially was blessed by yesterday's and the pictures of those sweet girls in their Easter dresses--my favorite color, too! We miss you up here in Chatt-town, but are thankful for your blog and FB to keep in touch!
Love you lots!

Three Fold Cord said...

We had bad storms Monday.
Sunday couldn't have been more perfect. We enjoyed our new backyard ALL day and was sorry that our day was over. Everyone came here and it was good to see family and friends.

We still need to get together. I know you have all your people and I have mine but I just felt such a connection with you. Maybe it is for those times when the Siestas get together and we get to pray and be with one another or maybe it is something else but I sure loved your Spirit!

Talk to you soon. and I hope he lets you show that picture soon..People need to see and hear that our God still performs miracles!!