Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Last Thing to Share about Chad's Triathlon

I had hoped to share this video with you last night or earlier today...but there is a story.

Chad spent a good 2 hours on this last night editing my less than stellar video skills. (I have some mad skillz I tell you.) Anyway, he was done with it and we went to tuck the girls in. When we returned, the computer had been possessed by demons and was "locked up". Yes locked up...we live in the south.

Go on and guess what came out of his mouth next..

"I guess I'll save my work next time."

Well, I started praying that God would restore that video. We went to bed and he had pretty much given up and turned the computer off. Frustrated isn't a strong enough word to describe the man last night. (I hate to confess that I was praying he had taken a Lunesta so he would least sleep soundly. BTW-that stuff makes you dream and say some crazy things in your sleep.)

We had a women's event tonight, and when I got home Chad said..."You want to see the video?"

God answered my prayers and when Chad turned the computer back on tonight...it was there. In it's entirety...SO I HAVE TO share it with you!!!

Please overlook my 5:00 AM look and crazy eyes...I was trying to keep it quiet! Not an easy thing for me. :)


Cheryl said...

what a great accomplishment!!!!

Three Fold Cord said...

OH my GOODNESS!!! Seeing this video made it so real in my mind. I prayed for you guys and looked at FB for the updates. PRAISE THE LORD!! He is a God of miracles. Incredible, I am just so thrilled for you guys.

jodi said...

Incredible!!! I can barely Shred for 20 minutes and he went on for almost 2 hours! Whew!!! :)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Awww I know this is a HUGE thing for you guys. Praise God the great Healer!
Love you girl!

twinkle said...

Chronic stuff can be a blessing...it makes us tougher! Go Chad!

Haley said...

How sweet! That almost made me cry! I LOVE your precious family, Steph!!! L.O.V.E. THEM!!!!!