Thursday, April 30, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Last weekend when we left for Chattanooga I noticed that my iris were just about ready to explode. I thought about them several times over the weekend and hoped that they would wait on me to get home before they bloomed. (I REALLY wanted to be home when they opened up...I transplanted these from my mom's flower bed last year..quite frankly I'm surprised I didn't kill them!)

When we got home Sunday afternoon, I noticed that you could see a little color. They were just starting to bloom. Today, I had to take some pictures since a few have opened up. Who would have thought some transplanted iris would make me this excited?

Love this one.

Last night one of my Freedom's Call partners handed me a thank you note and gift for filling in for her on the piano the last couple of weeks...she's been reading the Simple Pleasures entries and look what she brought me from the beach!

How cute is that???

This week has been so full. Our church hosted Angela Thomas on Tuesday evening and wow...what a night. So many of the things she said go right along with some things God has been putting in front of me. I am not kidding. Down to the scripture passage she read. That's a week of blog posts right there! I love it when God thrills my heart like that.

The entire evening was beautiful. I can't say enough about our women's ministry director or her team. They are incredible and I'm so blessed to be part of this church. Way to go girls...each one of you made our Jesus smile.

Okay...I'm doing laundry and packing for another trip. Just me this time, Chad and the girls will be staying home. I may post on Friday if I get all my stuff done but
at the rate I'm going I'm not going to be done! It's taking everything in me to take care of my house right now. Do you know how bad I want to throw on some shorts and go sit in the sun?!!? In fact, after I fold this basket of laundry that has been sitting next to me for an hour...that's where you'll find me!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Leah Adams said...

Beautiful, beautiful irises. I am posting some pictures of some of my special plants tomorrow. Mine are hostas.


Fran said...

Love you sweet Steph!!! Pix were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Enjoy the weekend.